Ford Surprises Charitable Lawn-Mower With A Replacement For His 330,000-Mile 2012 Ford Edge

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Photo: @iamrodneysmith on Twitter

Automakers love owner loyalty and will often reach out to folks who have done extraordinary things in company cars to make sure they keep driving whatever brand it is. This time, Ford has offered to replace a charitable lawn-mower’s 330,000-mile Ford Edge and he’s thrilled.

Photo: @iamrodneysmith on Twitter

Rodney Smith Jr. bought a used 2012 Ford Edge back in 2018 with 58,000 miles on the clock, and in the time that’s passed he’s added over 250,000 miles to the odometer driving across the country. Smith’s charitable work involves offering free lawncare for those who are less-abled, veterans, single parents, and others in need on his countrywide tours. His aim is always to mow lawns in all 50 states, according to local Huntsville, Alabama news station WZDX, where Smith is based out of.

But it was while Smith was mowing lawns on one of his tours in Michigan that Ford’s team showed up and surprised him with a brand new 2021 Ford Edge to replace his current car. Rodney Smith Jr. tweeted about the surprise:

The automaker followed up with a statement: “Your selflessness has not gone unnoticed. We appreciate all that you do for the community and we hope you enjoy your new 2020 Ford Edge!”

Ford likely became aware of Smith’s tours in his Edge back in August, when he was tweeting about the reliability of his crossover on its hundreds of thousands of miles of journeying across the country helping people. A Ford representative had reached out to Smith in the Twitter replies on August 9 and offered for him to “holler next time you’re in Detroit or Los Angeles and we’ll be happy to inspect and help service your Edge.” This was quite the service!


What’s interesting, though, is perhaps Ford has plenty of Edges to give away. The automaker is reportedly considering axing the Edge in the near future. We’ll see!


You can follow and support Rodney Smith Jr. on Twitter, on his Instagram, or at the Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service website. Now I just wonder how many miles the dude’s lawn mowers have done?


The fate of Smith’s old Ford Edge is sealed, and of course it’s going to a good cause. He claims it’ll soon get detailed, tuned, new wheels and then given to a family in need of a ride.

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Augustin Trébuchon

Automakers love owner loyalty

And free publicity. (Well, at minor cost of a new car, anyway.)