Today, the price of a share of Ford stock dipped to $2.40 (as of 1:58 PM), the lowest price valuation on the automaker since 1983. In fact, at that price, we figure it's lower than the cost of a gallon of regular unleaded gas at any service station in the country. We decided we'd see if that was actually true. It turns out it is. GasBuddy currently lists Oklahoma City as the U.S. community with the cheapest price per gallon — $2.78. What a choice for consumers — fill up your tank or fill up your 401k. Frankly, you'll probably go farther on the tank fill-up. Now, if you're like us, those stock price numbers make you say, "damn," but they don't really translate into anything tangible. Thankfully, the Detroit News lays out the effect the drop has had on the Ford family fortune: When Bill Ford Jr. took over the company in 1999, the Ford family's special Class B shares were valued at $2.25 billion. Five months ago, they were worth $586 million. Today, they'd bring less than $189 million. That's a loss of $2.06 billion in less than 10 years; real money, in other words. [GasBuddy, Google Finance, Detroit News]