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Dave's Rally Report #8
There was no other car I wanted to drive as badly at the rally than the Ford Shelby GT500. This was the baddest of the bad that you could take on the track (the Z06 wasn't allowed out for fear of extreme journo hoonage) and it was not seen in the staging area often because it was always on the track. Ford even brought Hau Thai-Tang to do drive-alongs with reporters.

BUT there was one little problem.

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The GT500 didn't last the whole day. By the time I got to it after lunch, the coolant was overflowing (it was running a tad hot). Now don't go running off and say "Ford can't build a muscle car" just yet. This is an early production model and I can imagine it was running as hard as it could by crazy journos (and Hau!) around the track for half a day before this happened. But I'm staring at the pool of coolant, the smoke coming up through those wicked hood vents and my heart is sinking.

I know you're all feeling for me right?

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