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Ancient velociraptors probably couldn’t swim very well, and the modern Ford F-150 that shares the name is apparently no different—a hypothesis tested by a Raptor driver in San Diego Friday afternoon.


It’s not clear what caused the crash, but somehow a Ford Raptor flew off the road through a fence and down into the backyard of house, breaking through a second, childproof fence and ended up on its side in a swimming pool.

Most people probably don’t typically compound the fear of drowning when they worry about having a crash, but the driver of the truck is very fortunate that it ended up submerged on its side. According to FOX5, a witness of the crash jumped into the pool, cut his hands to smash a window, and held the the 68-year old grandmother’s head above water until firefighters could arrive to get her out of the pool.

The helicopter footage of the crash scene eventually shows a small child and parent by the pool, and it’s terrifying to image what might have happened if anybody had been in the backyard at the time of the crash.


The driver was taken to the hospital for a head condition, and it’s possible she wouldn’t have been able to act on her own if the truck wasn’t on its side, and somebody nearby wasn’t willing to get a little wet to help her.

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