Ford Ranger Raptor Teased In High Flying Video

Watch the Ranger Raptor get taken off some sweet jumps in Ford's newest teaser

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Screenshot: Ford News Europe

Ford released the new-generation Ranger for global markets at the end of last year. It previewed a truck that should – hopefully – make its way to our shores later this year. While the normal Ranger will be a fine truck, one thing enthusiasts have been clamoring for is a Raptor version. Well, from this latest teaser released by Ford of Europe, the Ranger Raptor is on its way for the rest of the world and hopefully us as well.

The short video says the Ranger Raptor is set to be unveiled on February 22. It may be covered in camouflage, but it sure looks as if there are some big upgrades over the standard Ranger. In keeping with Raptor tradition, the truck’s suspension seems to have been given some substantial – and beefy – upgrades.

The biggest evidence of this? Lots and lots of sweet-ass high-speed jumps.

The next-gen Ranger Raptor is expected to have the same 3.0-liter 400 HP twin-turbo V6 that can be found in the upcoming Bronco Raptor. That is quite the upgrade over the current Euro-market Ranger Raptors 2.0-liter diesel. There’s further evidence of six cylinders of fury under the hood based on a very prominent V6 soundtrack.


Ford describes the video as a “sneak peek at some of the brutal testing it faced to earn the Raptor badge.” Hopefully it will actually lead up to the Raptor name, thought I have little doubt that it will.

Ford has still not confirmed the Ranger Raptor for the U.S. market, but based on the demand for the F-150 Raptor and Bronco Raptor, it would be a good decision if Ford enjoys making that money.

Speaking of money, there’s no word on what a Ranger Raptor would end up costing – though a safe bet is probably around the same price of the Bronco Raptor. However, it’ll be a small miracle if you can pick these up for MSRP.

Check out the full video here: