Ford Performance Introduces A New 281 HP Electric Crate Motor

Called the Eluminator, this motor will make its debut at SEMA.

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Image: Ford Performance

Looking to start swapping your internal combustion engines for electric power? Ford’s got something for you. Meet the Eluminator crate motor, which is set to debut at the SEMA show in November but which Ford has teased during its Woodward Dream Cruise events.

The name comes from the Aluminator, which is the name Ford previously gave to a V8 crate engine.


We don’t have a ton of specs yet, but Carscoops got the initial scoop:

Ford was tight-lipped on specifics, but told us the motor will produce 281 hp (210 kW / 285 PS) and 318 lb-ft (431 Nm) of torque. Those are decent figures and Ford’s Chief Product Platform and Operations Officer, Hau Thai-Tang, noted the output is higher than what was available on the Fox body Mustang.

Furthermore, CAD files released by Ford Performance show the electric motor is 22.5 inches (570 mm) long, making it significantly smaller than Ford’s traditional crate engines. That being said, it will need to be accompanied by a battery pack.


The crate motor creates a DIY way to convert from ICE to electric power, a process called electromodding. There have been some seriously cool electromodded cars coming out in the past few years, with some gorgeous classics taking on a whole new, more eco-friendly spin. It’s also a great way for Ford fans to keep their power options in-house, since sticking with one brand means a hell of a lot for some folks.

If the specs that Ford has provided is true, that makes this engine more powerful than the one Chevy introduced last year as part of its electric 1977 K5 Blazer. That motor developed about 200 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque. So, Ford already has a leg up on its competition.


At least one aftermarket company has shown off an electric crate motor. California-based Electric GT unveiled one in 2019, shaped like a V-8 gasoline engine, and installed in a vintage Toyota Land Cruiser.