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Since summer is hot, just like your brakes while trying to stop a Mustang from fast approaching the nearest curb, there’s now an ice cream to match the color of the car. But it isn’t just cool looking. It has a very practical function: allowing you to tell everyone that, yes, you did eat something other than a wall today.

(We don’t know why Mustangs attract a certain type of driver, they just do.)


But you’re going to have to get a special type of Mustang if you want to opt out of the jokes, because the ice cream only comes in one color: Orange Fury, which was announced as a Mustang color around January. The Detroit Free Press reports that Ford teamed up with the company Coolhaus to make the new flavor, and it comes in an ice-cream sandwich between two vanilla—like America’s car tastes—wafers and an edible Mustang-themed wrapper. Cool!

The sandwich’s big debut will be on Friday, according to the Free Press, and it’ll be free through Sunday at certain places in Los Angeles and New York City. Just look for the Mustang decals—on the ice-cream trucks and not on street cars, for your own good—and walk on up.


We hear coffee and ice cream go great together this time of year.

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