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It may be quaint and old-fashioned, but we're sure there's nothing like the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment from working for one company your entire adult life. We'll never know the pleasure of opening up a box and finding a personal note from the CEO and an application for an "anniversary ring" to thank us for our 30 years of service β€” just like the one Michael Stawasz received from Ford last week. One little problem β€” our man Mike was fired by FoMoCo in January β€” nine months before his 30 year anniversary. And at FoMoCo...

...30 ain't just a big round number β€” it's also when an employee qualifies for full benefits β€” the whole health care and golden parachute pension thing that every retiree's aiming for. So, with one hand Ford taketh away, and with the other hand slaps you silly like a little bitch for your 29 years and 3 months β€” makes us glad we don't even have the expectation of a pension. But fear not β€” this may have a happy ending β€” Mike and a couple dozen other similarly-situated FoMoCo employees are gonna settle this the American way β€” and sue their asses off.

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