Wide open highway, hundreds of horsepower at your feet, the stage is set for a really good few seconds of on-ramp fun. Nope!

Unfortunately the pilot of this early fifth generation Mustang succumbed to temptation a little too hard, and with the help of a wet road surface lost control of their car so completely it effectively became a 4,000 pound bottle rocket whipping across the highway.


YouTuber and apparent trucker Larry Schoonover uploaded the video, writing “[the Mustang] tries to merge onto I-20 at a high rate of speed on wet roads and loses control by hitting the shoulder on ramp and over correcting. I missed him by about 10-15 yards. My truck was weighing just under 80k pounds.”

I hope the driver walked away. And learned something.

Click here to view this kinja-labs.com embed.

Hat tip to Dashcam Warriors!