Ford Mustang GT Bursts Into Flames at Car Meet

A Ford Mustang GT burned down after completing a series of tight donuts at a car meet in Westlake, Texas earlier this month. The YouTube channel Sinclair Photos posted footage of the somewhat frightening event.

The fire started with some good, old-fashion “fun” in what appears to be a darkened parking lot. Seems very legit! A crowd of very smart enthusiasts huddled close to the wildly spinning GT to get a better shot for their own YouTube channels. These same brilliant individuals then crowded around as a small glow developed beneath the ‘Stang and smoke poured from the engine bay.

After a series of minor fireballs slipped out from under the hood, the fun wrapped up with a man with the air of authority telling folks to back up as the fire department made its way towards the blaze. Sinclair Photos isn’t sure what started the fire, but they say it probably had something to do with the headers and exhaust. The guy in the driver’s seat burning rubber was most likely the biggest factor, though.

h/t Carscoops

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This is what happens to a Mustang when it is made to do “high-performance” maneuvers near a crowd that it is not allowed run over/devour. It commits suicide because its population-culling purpose remains unfulfilled.