Ford Mustang Crashes Through Six Cars And A Fence, Driver Still At Large

(Image: 10 News Screencap)
(Image: 10 News Screencap)

Not only did the driver of this absolutely mangled Ford Mustang survive plowing through six cars and several front yards, but apparently he or she ran away and are still at large.


10 News reports that what looks like a fourth-generation Ford Mustang lost control on Potomac Street at around 1:15 a.m. on Thursday, June 17th in the Paradise Hills suburb of San Diego and wrought havoc before coming to rest in a shrub.

“It’s unbelievable that there’s no... body,” a witness said, referring to the fact that the Mustang crash does not look like the kind of situation somebody would walk away from.


Luckily, they did. In fact, it’s lucky that nobody was hurt at all. The renegade car’s driver escaped police apprehension as of Friday night, though apparently they’ve figured out where it was registered and are working backward from there.

Most unfortunately, it looks like somebody’s 1965 Plymouth Valiant project car will not be seeing its restoration complete as a result of the latest Mustang rampage.

My question is, have Mustangs always been this prone to disaster or are there just more cameras for them to crash in front of now?


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It’s too easy in this country to get a mustang. These cars aren’t meant to drive, they’re for killing as many pedestrians as possible, we need stronger vetting to ensure these don’t fall into the hands of “mustang drivers....”