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Before you call for our headline writer's head on a plate, check out an overview on Ford Motor's C1/P1 platform on My Ford Dreams. Ford's small-car chassis, in use across nearly all of the the automaker's mainstream brands, will soon underpin the new, three-door coupe Volvo plans to launch at the Detroit show next year, the C30. It may be the most successful use of platform sharing since the 1976 Chevy Nova / Pontiac Ventura / Oldsmobile Omega / Buick Apollo / Cadillac Seville. But you kids wouldn't remember that car. [Update: Our buddy Mattias notes the C1/P1 platform also underpins the new Volvo C70 and European Ford Focus C-Max, and will provide the basis for the next (and likely far better) Land Rover Freelander. The most profitable platform ever? Quite possibly.]


Volvo C30, or how many versions of the new European Focus can you buy in the US without a Ford badge? [My Ford Dreams via Carpundit]

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