Ford Mondeo Individual To Launch At Paris Motor Show

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We already heart the new Ford Mondeo, so the prospect of being able to fit it to our exact custom needs a la Ford Individual makes us feel happy in a way a Catholic upbringing frowns upon. Sure, the "Individual" program is just a way to add more money on top of a car that you were already going to buy. Most of the individual work comes on the interior, though special 18-inch alloy wheels will be available. So, what are these crazy individual options?

There are various color themes for the Ghia and Titanium editions of the Mondeo, which include limited-edition leather touches everywhere and unique sports-style pedals and the like. The colors are beige/dark beige for the Ghia; tan/ebony and ebony/ebony for the Titanium; and light beige/ebony for both. A black/black/black Mondeo Titanium estate with the big diesel and the six-speed manual tranny, please. [Ford of Europe via Carscoop]


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Ford, you f-in bastards. I'm stuck with a Mazda5 when you have this??????????????