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Ford has issued a technical service bulletin for six-speed manual-equipped 2011 Ford Mustang GTs built before 4/25/2010. Seems at high engine RPM, the clutch pedal might not return from the floor after a shift. Save the manuals?


According to Ford, the official description of the problem is as follows:

Some 2011 Mustangs built on or before 4/25/2010 with a manual transmission and low mileage, typically 10,000 miles or less (16, 093 Km), may exhibit a clutch pedal Stayout condition at very high RPM. This condition will generate a concern of the clutch pedal remaining on the floor during high RPM shifts. When engine RPM drops, clutch pedal operation returns to normal, but the re-engagement may be abrupt.

The root cause of the problem is:

The clutch pedal Stayout is a condition where at high engine RPM, centrifugal forces on the clutch system can reduce the force with which the clutch diaphragm fingers push against the release bearing. This can result in the clutch pedal staying on the floor until engine RPM decreases and the diaphragm return forces increases.


If you have a 2011 Mustang equipped with a manual transmission and you experience any of the problems described, get yourself and your car's weird clutch to the dealer for a free repair. Don't worry, it's not terribly dangerous, the most that'll happen is this ruins a good run down your favorite curvy country road, just get off the gas and the pedal will release. Here (PDF) is a link to download the official Ford TSB document regarding the problem.
[Ford via Mustangs Daily]

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