Ford Is Doing Its Own Line Of Campers And Trailers

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Ford has partnered with camper outfit Livin Lite to be the only automaker with OEM mobile home conversions on their trucks. You’ll also be able to get Ford-branded trailers by the time these hit lots in 2016.

Specifically Ford and Livin Lite are offering slide-in campers for their 6’ and 8’ beds, camper trailers and toy haulers (camper trailers with built-in ATV garage) in 22’ and 24’ lengths. Even longer fifth-wheel trailers and smaller pop-up campers are also in the pipeline.


Ford Licensing manager Mark Bentley offered some generic insight in a press release; “...great for our adventurous customers.”

The Livin Lite trailers are made of aluminum, so they’re on-brand with Ford’s current truck marketing. But they’re also up-market, check out that fine-ass wood paneling!

Ford Truck Design partnered with Livin Lite on this lineup and spent 15 months giving it a style unique to Ford. I mean, at least as “unique” as a non-Airstream camper trailer can look.


The nose and front window are supposed to be F-Seriesesque, and the trailers will get Ford-style wheels. For those who miss those subtleties, you’ll get a nice big FORD oval slapped on the side and stitched into the seats.

Prices have not been announced, but Livin Lite’s equipment is not cheap. You’re probably spending $35,000 or more on one of their medium-sized trailers, so I’d expect the prices on these Ford products to go up from there.


You can see specifics on the new Ford campers at, you guessed it,, which has floor plans and complete options lists.


This isn’t the first time a company has partnered with a camper manufacturer; Livin Lite has a similar deal with Polaris to build unique ATV trailers right now.

And of course a few automakers have tried their own car-based campers. Remember the International Scout camper? Or I guess the Volkswagen Westfalia might be slightly better known.


Would you be interested in a trailer can you can tack onto your truck straight out of the dealership?


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