Ford GT40 Crashes On Rainy Tennessee Road

What is being reported as a 1966 Ford GT40 crashed on Saturday afternoon during what must have been a harrowing drive through the Tennessee countryside. Was it a real GT40, and how did the accident happen?

The Tennessee Highway Patrol believes heavy rain caused the crash, reports WCYB News. It is no surprise that a hugely powerful car without any form of traction control, like this GT40, could spin out on the wet curves of Tennessee's I-26 in Unicoi County.


However, the highway patrol also state that the car was valued at $150,000, which is several hundred thousand dollars below what authentic 1966 GT40s fetch at auction. This price is much more in line with an accurate replica, like this $129,000 Superformance GT40 built at North Carolina's Olthoff Racing.

The North Carolinian owner was not hurt, though we have shed some tears for his car in the Jalopnik offices.

(Hat tip to Mark!)

Photo Credit: WCYB News

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