Ford Fusion Hybrid Gets Fuel Economy Rating Of 43.8 MPG In Jalopnik Road Test

Illustration for article titled Ford Fusion Hybrid Gets Fuel Economy Rating Of 43.8 MPG In Jalopnik Road Test

Yesterday, Jalopnik achieved a fuel economy rating of 43.8 MPG in a road test of the new Ford Fusion hybrid, out-greening Ford's engineers and our furry little hype-filled friend from AutoBlogGreen.


Like AutoBlogGreen, we too had a chance to drive the Ford Fusion hybrid around town in a silly little "fuel economy challenge."

Despite driving the Fusion hybrid on a hillier route and in heavier traffic than our friends at AutoBlogGreen earlier this week, we still had one advantage they didn't: lower weight. We think that, in addition to our Zen-like communion with the earth, tipped the scales in our favor.

But it wasn’t just boring automotive journalists that we bested, our 43.8 MPG average was even better than Ford hybrid applications manager Gil Portalatin’s same-route 43.5 MPG benchmark.

Ford claims the Fusion Hybrid is capable of “at least 39 MPG City/37 MPG highway.” The fact that we managed to best those figures while driving in heavy Los Angeles traffic (passing through Beverly Hills and Hollywood) illustrates the degree to which driving style can effect fuel economy. The Toyota Camry Hybrid, the Fusion's chief competitor, is officially rated at 33 MPG city/34 MPG highway.

Check back on Saturday at 12:01 EST to read our 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Test Drive.



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