Ford Focus Wagon: America Is Stupid And Proud Of It

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Oh, look... the Ford Focus Wagon. The fifth variant of the new Ford Focus is yet another stylish, attractive and functional Euro-wagon we won't be getting stateside. America, why do you hate small, utilitarian vehicles?


Seriously, when Ford sold a Focus wagon in the U.S., the take rate was about 4%. But the hatchback five-door was about 10%. We're told by Ford that the Fiesta early reservations are running as high as 50% for the 5-door.


So America likes a big, bulky hatchback, but they hate the elongated and sleek wagon. Whatever. We're apparently an idiotic country when it comes to car-buying preferences and proud of it. Fine.

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Moving on to the rest of the world. They'll be getting a very stylish and streamlined Ford Focus wagon that'll be making its global debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

The new wagon will sit alongside the new Focus 5-door, first unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January. The Focus wagon is the fifth vehicle to be revealed from Ford's new global C-segment platform that will underpin at least ten vehicles around the world and account for two million units of annual production by 2012.


Revealed so far are — count 'em up —the new Ford C-MAX and Grand C-MAX models at Frankfurt, the next-generation Focus 4-door and 5-door cars at Detroit, and now the wagon at Geneva.

But, there's also good news coming from Geneva. Ford's confirming a global performance vehicle will be developed as part of the next-generation Focus range, and it'll be powered by a version of the 4-cylinder Ford EcoBoost engine family.


"We want to reassure enthusiasts of Focus performance models that we have a plan for them as well," Ford product chief Dennis Kuzak said. "Our commitment is to deliver an exciting performance model of the new Focus on a global basis and using a version of our advanced new Ford EcoBoost petrol direct-injection turbo engine."

Exciting, right? Yeah, then Kuzak adds this:

"We're not ready to reveal more details yet, but we recognise how important this model will be in the Focus line-up, particularly for customers in Europe."


I'm not sure who we hate more right now — Ford or ourselves.

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PotbellyJoe and 42 others

Attn: All Vehicle Manufacturers

Subject: American Wagon Mkt

To All-

The American wagon market has long been ignored and/or abused by you.

The logic of America having no interest in wagons is a kin to saying a man who has no interest in Fillet Mignon because he won't buy bologna.

If the market were ever to receive a model that was of a quality level and usefulness that it was a viable option, wagons would once again sell.

I point to the recent success of small hatchbacks in this very market as an example of damning this very form of thinking.

Wagons had a great run pre-SUV years, but as the development of technology and features ignored the wagons and was marketed in the SUVs, the market shifted, leaving only the eccentric niche wagon as an option, see VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI.

Please understand that your market research is looking at people who still have the image of the Ford Country Squire in their minds when you refer to wagons as the hypothetical rejectors of any modern wagon.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

-The American Public