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Ford Explorer Police Interceptor: Robocop's Mom Gets A New Ride

Illustration for article titled Ford Explorer Police Interceptor: Robocops Mom Gets A New Ride

As expected, Ford's second addition to its law enforcement lineup re-skins the new Police Interceptor's Taurus-platformed soccer mom stablemate, the 2011 Explorer. The 2011 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor likely crosses over into police lineups early next year.


Obviously the vehicle above is not the all-new police edition of the Explorer. But fear not! Our own Ben Wojdyla is in Dearborn at the product briefing and unveiling of Ford's latest police package. As soon as the embargo drops on photos and details — we'll slap 'em up here.


UPDATE: Ford, despite tweeting about it, ludicrously tells us the embargo is for September 1st. So, if you want to see the photos and details, you'll have to wait until then. Silly FoMoCo...

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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

Ford call that upcoming, bloated, fat piece of V6 only SUV shit an interceptor? Watch this video and try to imagine that apartment block on wheels chasing that mangy Monaro and looking as cool as Rockatansky in his interceptor.

Ford are taking America and her police for a big ol' ride on the bullshit bus.

If Ford were serious about building a proper police interceptor, use a Mustang or for fuck's sake, just import the Falcon already. Cunts.