Ford Dealer’s Description Of Its $150,000 Marked-Up GT500 Is Just Perfect

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It comes as no surprise that a Ford dealer is marking up a Mustang GT500. This happens every time similar cars come onto the market. But what is almost impressive is how exactly they describe their online price.


The GT500 is a 760 horsepower “replacement” of sorts for the GT350 and while more power is always welcome the lack of a clutch pedal and a fairly substantial price increase means that the driving experience is very different. This is more a drag-strip monster along the lines of a Dodge Demon versus the GT350 that could give much more expensive sports cars a run for their money on a road course.

Ford is well aware that speed sells and while the GT350 will ride off into the sunset there are plenty of buyers willing to pay the premium for the GT500. As expected whenever these high-horsepower muscle cars hit the lots there will be dealers that will attempt to capitalize on market demand and make some bucks well over the MSRP.

This ad from Koons Ford in Sterling VA has inadvertently used their “wow” pricing just perfectly with their asking price of $150,000 for a new 2020 GT500 “Golden Ticket” edition.

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Screenshot: Koons Ford

Wow, you guys really want some serious coin for that GT500! And you know what, I’m not even mad. If they think there is a buyer willing to spend that kind of money on this car more power to them. If no one bites, the price will eventually come down.


Furthermore much to every car enthusiast’s chagrin, someone also at Koons Ford must have gotten a little sloppy with the copy and paste in their ad and describes their GT500 with a manual when in fact it is automatic.

“2020 Ford Shelby GT500 w/ Golden Ticket Oxford White w/ Recaro Leather, 5.2L V8 Supercharged, TREMEC 6-speed Manual... This Mustang is Loaded Up with Carbon Fiber Track Pack, 20-inch Exposed Carbon Fiber Wheels, Adjustable Strut Top Mounts, Carbon Fiber Instrument Panel, Exposed Carbon Fiber GT4 Track Wing, Michelin Pilot Cup Sport 2 Tires, Rear Seat Delete, RECARO Leather Seats….”


In fairness, though the main description does say it is a seven-speed dual-clutch. So if any of you in this very uncertain economy is looking to spend a hundred and fifty large on an overpowered automatic Mustang, I guess this is your opportunity.

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“But dealers provide so much value by helping the customer navigate the scary and confusing car buying process”

In 2020, it’s only scary and confusing BECAUSE there are so many shitty dealers. How are there still so many sucky ones out there?

I guess I didn’t realized I could pay so much money over sticker to get provided no additional value.