Ford Can't Build Broncos Fast Enough, Decides To Stop Online Reservations

Customers will now need to work with dealers if they want to order the Bronco

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The Detroit Free Press got its hands on a memo that Ford sent to dealers last week detailing why the automaker is pausing online reservations for the Ford Bronco. The move comes as overwhelming demand for the Bronco, supply chain issues resulting from COVID, and hard top build quality concerns have the automaker struggling to roll enough trucks off the assembly line.

In the memo, Ford describes why the reservations have been paused and explain how customers can work with their local dealer in the ordering process.

Based on Dealer Council feedback, effective Monday, August 23rd, Ford has paused the creation of new reservations for Bronco vehicles. The decision to pause reservations is due to the high number of Bronco 2 and 4-door model orders and current commodity constraints.

Customers are encouraged to work directly with their dealer who can help with the ordering process, delivery timing expectations, and build specifications. For example, dealers can best guide if a customer may be able to get a stock vehicle that’s already built or scheduled. Due to the high number of orders, delivery of Bronco vehicles placed today will extend through (the) 2022 calendar year.


Ford also is telling dealers to stop advertising online reservations, saying that advertising should now direct customers to work with the dealer to secure a Bronco.

You can still place an order for a Bronco if you don’t have a reservation, and you cans convert an existing reservation to an order. Be aware, though, that there may be long waits. Ford’s system is going down the reservation list based on a timestamp, and even then the only orders that are being pulled are ones that are buildable.


For now, Ford is saying be patient if you’re a Bronco customer. This is one of Ford’s most important product launches in decades, vying against Jeep’s loyal customer base, and the company wants to get it right. Hell, the company called us out of the blue to talk about its troubled hardtops.

Those waiting around might not see a Bronco for a while. After attending a company meeting in Texas, one dealer general manager told the Free Press: “All the ‘21 model year Broncos are sold out. All online reservations were ‘22 model year and beyond. They could even be ‘23. This pause wasn’t designed to flip from online ordering to dealers but instead, it’s a pause for Ford to get on their feet.”