Ford Active Park Assist: In Action!

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We gave you the info late last night about Ford's new Active Park Assist. Now here's video of the system in action along with the first look at the 2010 MKS's paddle shifters.

Ford's Active Park Assist looks to be much more controlled than the system Lexus debuted on the LS460 and will be available as an option on the 2010 Lincoln MKS and the upcoming 2010 Lincoln MKT crossover that will debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month.

Active Park Assist will accompany Ford's new Electric Power Assisted Steering in the 2010 Lincoln MKS and MKT and will be featured in the rest of Ford's lineup in 2012.


A new six-speed auto-transmission with steering wheel flappy paddle shifters will be available on the 2010 Lincoln MKS and upcoming 2010 Ford Taurus. You'll notice them in the video above if you're paying attention. It's the first time these new shifters have been spotted in the wild.

[YouTube via Ford]