Staff Laid Off, I Start Saying Nicer Things To Ray Wert, Nick Denton

Rumors have flown all week about Forbes planning to axe their Forbes Autos division. Those rumors look to be confirmed by Alley Insider, though a spokesperson refused to confirm or deny those rumors to us. Though the Forbes auto site has never been a major player in the automotive news business, it illustrates a reality: less automaker revenue means less ad revenue means less automotive outlets. This is especially true for an operation like, which sought to squeeze out more luxo-advertising bucks by creating their own custom content channels and putting themselves in a bad position come a down cycle. Oh, yeah, and it also serves as a reminder of how the Financiapocalypse could affect me, personally. Therefore, I've decided to say some nice things about my employers before I end up getting canned or made to feed the hamsters in our server farm for a salary of wooden nickels and all the sawdust I can eat. Nice things about Ray Wert 1. You have nice hair. 2. The Burberry accessories do a great job of hiding your otherwise cheap wardrobe. 3. You're not the worst driver in the world, just the worst driver I've ever met. Nice things about Nick Denton 1. I've never met you but I hear you smell like freshly minted silver dollars. 2. You publish Deadspin and this site, two places I spend a lot of my time. 3. You make wonderful charts. Oh, and for the record, Ben badmouths both of you all the time. [via Alley Insider]


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