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For Your Consideration: Porsche 917

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Consider, if you will, a car from days gone by that stands alone as an icon of the sport. There is no more important car to the history of endurance racing than the Porsche 917. Without this car, it’s entirely possible that there would be no Porsche today, and Porsche certainly would not have continued on as the winningest endurance racing manufacturer in the world. This is the foundation that the house of 19 Le Mans wins was built upon.

Therefore, I must recommend that the award go to this glorious flat-twelve machine.

If ever there were a car deserving of an award, of any award, it’s the 917. Give it a tee ball trophy, a waterskiing badge, a perfect attendance gift certificate to Applebee’s, and a #1 Dad coffee mug. It deserves every single one of those awards.


How about an Emmy? Well surely racing was on television in the early 1970s. Maybe ABC’s wide world of sports? Sure, give it an award for that.

Grammy? There’s no better soundtrack to ever come out the tailpipe of another car. It’s pure musical talent, unmatched by any other.


Should the 917 get an Oscar for best supporting actor in a movie? You saw Steve McQueen’s Le Mans, right? It did a hell of a lot better acting than Steve did.

And while I’m not aware that anyone has cast the wonderful Porsche 917 in a broadway musical, that should be rectified post haste, so that it can win a Tony.

This is a car that deserves to EGOT. Get those four little awards and ship them off to One Porsche Road, Porsche Town, Germany. I’m sure they’ll get to the right person. Hell, dip any old trophy in gold and hand it to the 917. Make it happen. Today. Right now. Whatever it is, it already won.