For Sale: 2010 Toyota Camry, Low Miles, $160,000

The reason why this six-year-old Camry costs as much as a used McLaren is simple: it’s not exactly a Camry. It’s a custom-built SEMA special complete with a NASCAR V8.

This is the car that RK Motors famously built for SEMA 2010, a one-off Camry lookalike with a Toyota NASCAR engine putting around 680 horsepower to the rear wheels. According to RK in Charlotte, the car was made from scratch, but their build photos certainly seem to show it starting life with a Toyota Solara shell. Either way, this thing is about as custom as a modern Toyota gets.


Autoweek spotted that the Buy-It-Now is listed on eBay at $159,900, which is a lot of money, but putting this thing back on normal Camry wheels and scaring everyone in your town with the ultimate sleeper would be priceless.

Find the full listing right here.

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