For Just $50.5 Million You Can Own a Superyacht That Sank a Gas Tanker Ship

The rear-end collision sent a 160-foot tanker to the bottom of the ocean, and barely left a scratch on the Utopia IV.

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Image: Moran

If you’re in the market for a middle-of-the-road, used superyacht, look no further than the Utopia IV. This elegant yacht can cruise at brisk 24 knots, comfortably sleeps 12 guests, with room for 13 crew members and will also survive hitting a gas tanker.

The Utopia IV is for sale at a cool $51.5 million at Moran Yacht & Ship. Rossinavi shipyards built this 206-foot long, high-performance yacht in 2018. That same year, on Christmas Eve, just north of New Providence Island in the Caribbean, the Utopia IV ran into the back of the oil tanker Tropic Breeze. The Breeze was about two-thirds the size of the yacht, at 160 feet, according to Boat International. The Utopia IV pierced the Breeze’s hull, sending it 1.2 miles to the ocean floor below. The entire seven-member crew was rescued.

You might think such a collision would affect the resale value of the Utopia IV but, while it was towed back to a shipyard for safety after taking on some water, the yacht itself was barely damaged in the collision. In fact, just a few months later, it would win several yacht awards, such as the World Superyachts Award “2019 Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts – 40m and above” and the International Superyacht Society Awards of “2019 Best Power 40m – 65m,” according to the listing.


The Utopia IV isn’t just perfect for ramming other unsuspecting vessels. The interior is full of pieces of Hermes and Armani, and more. From the listing:

The forward-facing owner’s suite has a commanding 180-degree panoramic view provided by floor-to-ceiling windows and features a grand bathroom with a double shower and jacuzzi. The master suite also contains a sitting room, office, and private balcony.

A notable feature of the UTOPIA IV yacht is her impressive stern beach club. The transom folds down to add 754 square feet of swim platform to the bar and relaxation area inside the vessel. Light filters down above the bar from the ceiling through the glass-bottom pool on the main deck above.

Sounds nice, probably?

This year had something of a Summer of the Superyachts. First, Russian oligarchs had their ships seized as part of sanctions around the world over the war in Ukraine, including a $700-million superyacht probably owned by Vladdy P. himself. A Ukrainian sailor also tried to sink his boss’s big boat shortly after the invasion began. This spurred interest in superyachts in general. American publications revealed just how much money U.S. oligarchs were sinking into bigger and better-than-anyone-else boats. And who could forget the potential egging of Jeff Bezos’ $540-million world-record breaking sailing yacht by angry Dutch people. That didn’t happen, only because Bezos was able to avoid a historic bridge altogether rather than have the bridge dismantled.