For $900, Could You Make This 1978 Flatbed Chevy C10 Flat-Out Wonderful?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Getting a flat while driving is bad. Driving a flatbed truck can be sinfully good. Let’s see if today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Chevy flatbed comes with a price that makes up for its plethora of sins.

How do YOU spell Camaro? Do you spell it correctly or as “Camero” because that’s how it’s spelled on that neck tattoo you got in prison? Look, getting inked is nobody’s business but your own, and similarly nobody much wanted to ink a deal on yesterday’s 2010 Camaro (no tattoo for me) SS that had been modded by Hendrick Performance and signed by much of the Earnhardt clan. Its price earned the car a massive 87% Crack Pipe loss, keeping our streak of losers going strong. Let’s keep our fingers crossed the Cubs don’t take a hint.


Another day another Chevy, the third one in a row this week. Before you consult the tea leaves or look for clues by playing Bob Seger songs backward let me explain that it’s just simple happenstance. I haven’t actually been bought by the Bow Tie brigade.

You might want to buy this 1978 former VFW flatbed Chevy truck however, especially after learning all the wonderful and rewarding work that awaits you if you do so.

First off, let me just say that the Veterans of Foreign Wars, or VFW, are certainly an exclusive bunch. Think about it, if you’re a veteran of the U.S. Civil War you’re pretty much shit out of luck with these guys. “Oh, you fought at Appomattox? Sorry, you don’t meet our criteria.” I mean seriously, these are very old veterans they’re turning away. Who does that?


Perhaps lording their superiority over those vets, as well as the ones that fought in the War of 1812, the American Revolution, and the Mexican-American War was how the VFW employed this flatbed Chevy. If so then for shame.


The ad calls it a flag truck and it certainly is painted to resemble Old Glory. The side stakes in back look like something cobbled together from your grandma’s coffee table but they’re offset somewhat by the cool VFW badge on each door.

The seller says that the truck was used by the local (Decatur IL) VFW for a number of years to carry flags, and in fact diagnoses the tire wear pattern as being flag-related. The truck then sat in a garage for what he says was 12 years after which it was then sold to him as the organization had received a newer truck as a donation.


He bought it with the intention of fixing it up and driving it around like a badass. Instead he’s got it up for sale now as he “doesn’t have the energy, knowledge, or garage space to work on it. Way to plan ahead soldier! At least it has a clean title


What’s wrong with it? Well, the issues mostly center on the transmission, which has apparently become divorced from its second gear. How hard would it be to yank that bad boy out and replace it with a junkyard THM? About a weekend’s work. The only downside is you wouldn’t have a cool flatbed truck to pick up the new tranny unless of course it’s downhill between your house and the junkyard both ways.


Another issue is that ALL the gauges have given up the ghost. You’re not even getting name, rank an serial number out of this truck. A brake light is stuck on, just for giggles and the horn doesn’t work. Obviously nobody honks in a parade, so it was unlikely high on the VFW to-do list.

Seriously though, these are all issues that are probably fixable in a single weekend’s time. How hard could an old C/K be to work on? The engine is a six cylinder but I don’t think it’s a Chevy 250 because those had the intake cast into the head and this one doesn’t. Closer inspection of that would be warranted. Inside, there’s a bench seat covered in a wonderful blue sarape from the three amigos—Manny, Moe, and Jack—and you also get a sliding rear window in place of A/C. Power steering and brakes do seem to be part of the package, however.


The seller is asking $900 for this beauty and you know need to say if that gets a thumb’s up or thumb’s down. What do you think, does this former VFW ride seem worth that measly sum even with the work it will need? Or, does that price put this flatbed flat on its back?

You decide!


Kalamazoo MI Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to 762Finn for the hook up!

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