For $9,500, Ride In The LimouSven!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

If you're Swedish and are planning to attend next year's prøm, then you'll definitely want to roll in today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe stretched S90. That is of course if you can afford both its price and the cost of a chaufför.

Desirable as it was, yesterday's roided-up R32 went down in a not unexpected 75% Crack Pipe loss. The reason? It was that salvage title, which much like a tramp stamp that announces I've Got The Clap, is a clear sign for most to just stay the hell away. GLWS Woodman, as the car seems otherwise sorted, and the Alpine Chalet vibe provided by the under-hood paint scheme makes the car both unique and memorable.


Whether movies, cheap but fashionable furniture, or even my barber whose sanity is questionable, lots of good things come out of Sweden. Upon that list of Nordic niceties one might add the wares of Volvo back when they took their styling cues from Tetris. And Volvos, like Lingonberry pie always prove that more is better, right?

Aside from going with someting that potentially has a sleeper cab, you can't get much more Volvo than today's 1998 S90 Limo which is kind of like the California King of S90s. Sporting an extra full door's worth of bodywork between the front and rear portals this S90 is claimed to be one of only 17 factory-made examples. The extra room affords a doppelganger bench in the rear, facing backward and swathed in cream-colored leather. A divider between the back and the stock-looking driver's compartment means you'll never have to smell your chauffeur's Axe cologne, which is masking the stench of the underclass couloir.


The drivetrain gets no mention in the ad, but it's pretty safe to say that power is likely provided by the S90s go-to engine - the B6304S 2,922-cc DOHC straight six. It's unlikely that Volvo would have dropped the smaller two and a half litre engine in an obviously heavier edition. The three litre was good for 205-bhp, and when backed up by the 4-speed auto box should provide for the kind of relaxed performance that wouldn't upset a back seat dirty martini or pole dance - pole not included, of course.


What is included is a claimed 178,000 miles under its different ZIP Coded tires. Yumpin' yimminy! Regardless of that seeming substantial load to the odo, this Volvo seems to be in great shape with no discernable flaws. The seller claims the tires to be brand new, and that his insurance doesn't charge him by the foot, a plus in these uncertain economic times.


Speaking of economic incertitude, should the shit go down, this S90 would probably be a fine place to live. But before that eventuality gets to play out, you'd need to come up with the $9,500 the seller is asking. Do you think that's a fair price for so long a Swede? Or, does that price make you say so long to this a Swede?

You decide!


San Marcos TX Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Magic Mike for the hookup!

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UPDATE: So that 308GT4 that we had on Wednesday? Seems that the gentleman that bought it has so far owned another. . . 123 Ferraris. That's got to be some sort of world record, right? Ed Niles pinged me after we hit him up on FerrariChat (we're everywhere!) where he made it known that he had sealed the deal on the sweet seventies ride. I don't know about you, but if Hoarders ever did a show about him, I'd definitely carve out the hour to watch.

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