Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Yesterday being Thanksgiving and today Black Friday here in the U.S., I thought it fitting for our Nice Price or Crack Pipe candidate to be a black Bird. This Turbo Coupe is just such a fowl, but is its price foul as well?

Hey, 'member all the way back on Wednesday, you know before the food coma kicked in? Back then we had an odd-bodkin of a fake Jeep that was asking some serious cash. Few of you were thankful for that price however, and that Mitshu-based custom fell in a massive 93% Crack Pipe loss. 'Member that?

Well, it's officially the start of the holiday shopping season, Black Friday. It's also the first day of the year that you can adorn your abode in holiday lights without feeling the wrath of right-minded folks.

Of course for many the lights will have to wait because they've been out since 2-am waiting in the freezing rain outside of a big box in hopes of snagging a $299 plasma TV when the store opens at 6. That's dirt cheap and they ain't making them plasmas any more!


Screw those people and their economy sustaining discretionary spending. If you're like me, you've eschewed the madness of today to stay home noshing on leftovers and ordering charitable donations in the names of others as your holiday gifts. Or something like that.

Here's a shopping opportunity that may be worth getting out of your 'jammies- a 1987 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe in sinister black over grey mouse fur, and looking as fresh as the day it rolled out of Lorain, Ohio, Wixom, Michigan, or perhaps Hapeville Georgia.


This survivor only has a claimed 68,000 miles on the clock and of course this being an '87 it rocks the redesigned bodywork, improved interior, and, perhaps most importantly, the intercooled 2.3-litre turbo four from the SVO Mustang.

That's all the good news, now get ready for the bad. It's an automatic. Yeah, I know, boner immediately gone, even for the ladies. Now the seller recognizes the problem this causes and notes in the ad that he has all the parts to switch the car to stick, they're just not on the car yet.


Another problem, although also not likely insurmountable is that while the factory five-speed cars had a rock'em-sock'em 190-bhp, the autotragics were de-tuned to a meager 150, even with the hood-scooping intercooler.

That's 40-ponies, or an entire early VW's worth of go-juice. The drop in power was enacted in the name of transmission life, and was accomplished through the lowering of the turbo boost from upwards of 15 psi to just 9.5. How hard could that be to fix?


Other than that, the ad says that this bird has been adult-owned which is far better than adult film star-owned as you don't necessarily need a Tyvek suit for the drive home. It also looks awesome with seats that don't like like they've ever even had an ass in them. There's also the claim of no rust and recently refreshed brakes and tires.

All that - including the tranny switch-a-reeno - has an asking price of $9,000. That's a lot for these cars, and you can find this one for far less, as well as this one. Neither of those are as clean or as low-mileage, but then again, both are already manuals.


What do you think about $9,000 for this Black Friday black Bird? Is that a price worth waiting for? Or, is this a dark day deal that's no steal?

You decide!


Detroit Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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