Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

What is a sports car? Is a Ferrari Testarossa a sports car? What about a sport utility, what’s that? Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Mazda is a custom ‘light utility truck’ with Testarossa dreams, does that make it the ultimate sport utility? Does its price make it the ultimate deal?

Well, sports car, sports utility, sports bra, we pretty much like anything that comes with the word sport in it, and that goes for sport bikes as well. Yesterday’s 1978 Yamaha SR500 Café bike looked pretty damn sporty and that, along with a pocket lint price, garnered it a huge 82% Nice Price win. Nice going, Yamaha!


You might be kicking yourself for not kicking over that bike, but you can still experience the wind in your hair with this radically customized and Testarossa emulating 1989 Mazda B-Series show and go truck.

Now, before we get started, I’m going to get on my soapbox. Ready?

This is not a truck that you would likely want to drive or own personally. That being said, it’s quite probably the best looking and most complete customized Ferrari-aping mini truck I’ve ever seen. Usually when offered for sale these kind of things are either half-finished or half-assed, or sometimes both! This one looks to have had someone’s - a car guy’s - blood, sweat. and money thrown at it. Please no “kill it with fire” or “nuke it from orbit” jokes. Instead let’s all just try and appreciate the work and consider if that is worth the price as it sits.


Okay, I’m jumping off the soapbox. Do you know how hard those are to find? Yeah, not all that hard, I just went to Costco.

What we’re looking at under all the custom work is a Mazda B-series, which this being an ’89 is likely powered by a 110-horsepower 2.2-litre four. That’s backed up by one of our favorite things, a five-speed stick. It’s an SE-5 edition, and the ad says it drives like new.


Well, when it was new it didn’t have a roof that you could pop off and store in its hard tonneau-covered bed. That looks like it might take the help of a friend to put on or take off, but what I want to know is how do you open the doors with the top in place? It appears as though the window channel is fixed to the top instead of attached to the door. That’s freaking me out a little.


Less freaky is the bodywork which - as we already discussed - is a style that’s sort of take in or leave it. There’s no arguing that the apparent quality of the work looks to be excellent. Yeah, the Ferrari triangles are a bit much, but how hard would they be to peel off?


Those wide back fenders are filled with appreciably deep-dished wheels, and when parked in your garage think of the extra storage opportunities afforded by their huge side strakes. stocking those up would also be a good opportunity to check and see if those deep back wheels cause the tires to rub the lowered bodywork.

The ad notes that the truck comes with a clean title and low miles, although what those miles actually are goes undisclosed. What does get a mention is the price, which works for our purposes. That’s $8,500, and that gets you a truck that’s turnkey ready for the next custom car show, as well as the work commute the very next day.


What do you think about that price for this clean show truck? Is $8,500 a decent asking for the work exhibited? Or, is that too much cash to go custom?

You decide!


Maine Vein Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to heavysquad for the hookup!

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