For $8,000, This 1980 Volvo 245 DL Is The Box It Came In

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Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Volvo is so blessedly original and low mileage that driving it would be the next best thing. Is its price however, worth turning back the clock?

Jay-Z is married to Beyoncé, which might make you wish you were Jay-Z, at least for a day. Yesterday we had a 2JZ (which is twice as good, right?) that had been married to a fiberglass-capped 1989 Toyota Pickup truck. That truck's ad claimed it to have been set up for the drag strip, but according to 78% of you, it was its 15-grand price that was a drag.


If, instead of the quarter, it's a distance race that you're looking to win, then you might wish to consider today's 1980 Volvo 245 DL as your mount. It won't be fast that's for sure. Still, slow and steady will win the race, and unlike the tortoise of lore, this Volvo can run that hare right the hell over.

This traditional Volvo longroof is a beauty in the pics, and it's amazing to see one in such fine-ass shape. The ad notes it to be a one-owner car that was bought by an officer in the U.S. military while in Europe. It was driven there for much of its life, and eventually came to the U.S., ending up in Virginia, which is for lovers, especially Volvo lovers..

Whether it was in Yurrup or here in Yankee Doodle land, this 245 didn't do very many miles. The seller says it only has a little over 30K on the clock, which would perhaps go aways in explaining its seemingly excellent condition.


The ad notes no rust on the burgundy body, and the interior is likewise clean and complete. Oh sure, time has faded all the different plastics in there so that now they are all uniquely individual - and in some cases somewhat creepy - shades of beige, but that's a small price to pay.


Other interesting things to note on the interior are the R-sport gauge cluster and GT steering wheel, which were added at some point in the car's life. Another plus is the rear-facing third seat which will accommodate all your child-vomiting needs. You'll also likely gladly note that this wagon sports a 5-speed stick 4-speed with OD manual transmission.


That gearbox is mated to a stock mill which should be a venerable B21 red block. That 2,227-cc SOHC four is good for about 100 ponies and should be able to move the 240's ton and a half of weight with the all the alacrity of congressional action. From the factory, zero to sixty runs in these non-turbo 240s was in the neighborhood of about 15 seconds, or a lifetime when attempting to merge onto a truck route.

Still, there's something eminently endearing about these old boxes, and I question wether or not you'd be able to find another in as nice of shape as this one. It also has some interesting and appealing upgrades - the gauges, later turbines, etc. - that enhance that appeal.


Now, this car was offered by its New York dealer on eBay for $8,400, but the ad at their site lists it at a flat eight-grand. I should also note the fact that its offering dealer's Web site address is which takes you to… Saab Classic of Staten Island. Crazy mixed up kids!


Right now, you need to decide if you'd have to be crazy to spend $8,000 on this cool old Volvo. What do you think, does this not-that-long-in-the-tooth longroof seem to be worth that? Or, does this Volvo have a non-viable price?

You decide!


Classic Saab out of Staten Island, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Nick for the hookup!

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