Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

People often reference the long arm of the law, but nobody ever talks about the short cars of the law. With today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Fairlane however, we're about to change all that.

Do you remember the cool count chocula-colored RX-7 from way back on Christmas Eve? Or, have you been in an eggnog-induced stupor ever since then, as that's the only way you can make it through all the family gatherings over the holiday? Well, in case it's the latter, let me refresh your memory, if not your cup of Nog. That survivor '83 walked away with an amazing 94% Nice Price win, which was all the more surprising as it seemed to be Dealer offered.

It's highly unlikely that you'd find today's wildly customized 1961 Ford Fairlane funny cop car at a dealer, unless what they were dealing was jokers, it's just that smile inducing. From the description in the ad, this amazing mod job started out as a four-door sedan. Cut down to an extra short two-door, it also eschews a Ford mill under its tilt-forward hood, preferring instead a Caddy monster… in the back seat.


That's right, this cop car can't handle transporting perps because it's already loaded down with a drivetrain out of an Eldorado. That means a humungous 472-CID eight with a chain-driven THM425 tucked underneath, all providing an extremely lardastic and rearward weight bias.

The seller claims that means that this cop car - Da Fuzz - is able to pick up its front wheels and drag its rear bumper like an itchy butt dog. Hopefully it also comes with riot gear, because you can bet this thing must be a riot to drive.


It's also hugely comical, both in the phony baloney cop car livery and in its truncated appearance. The front end is jacked up on its cart-sprung straight axle, and looks to have enough sproing in its springs to make wheelie landings as much fun as their popping. Red lights in place of the high beams, strobes, and a gum ball ensure this'll be entertaining even at a stop, and it has external speakers that can play cop TV show themes when the mood hits you.

Apparently running and driveable, what's possibly the most amazing thing about this crazy car is the fact that it is seemingly street legal. The ad notes that and says the the lights, wipers, turn signals and everything else you might need are all there and in working order.


The ad also notes that while the car was built by a 'master fabricator' and has been doing the stand up circuit for more than three years without fail, it is a little rough around the hedges. You might want to take that into consideration when connecting the car to its $6,999 price tag. Hell, even its price looks like it's popping a wheelie!

What do you think about that, is $6,999 a deal for this nutzo fuzz mobile? Or, does that price simply not pop your wheelies?

You decide!


Portlandia Craigslistia or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Civardi for the hookup!

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