Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

The original window sticker for today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Audi lists its MTV-era price at eighteen grand. It still looks pretty showroom fresh, and its price now is almost a third of when new. Will that price however, to be enough for you to have the good kind of sticker shock?

While definitely rare and interesting, yesterday's '86 Mazda Luce Royal Classic proved to be a little too fast and furious for its asking price, and it dropped in a pretty decisive 84% Crack Pipe loss.


Part of what doomed yesterday's car was the questionable aftermarket modifications made both under the hood and in the cabin. I mean, shit, if you're touting a rare car, don't eff it up, m'kay?

If you prefer your cars to be as virginal as possible, meaning just as they left the factory and definitely not eff'd up post-factory, then perhaps you'll jones over this sweet '85 Audi Coupe GT.


In a similar vein, if you've ever loved Volkswagen's early GTI, but just felt that you needed something with a little more acreage to its metal, then perhaps the Coupe GT would do as well. Based on the B2 80, the Ur GT shared its basic shape with the rockum-sockum Quattro rally homologation, but was Clark Kent to that car's Uberman.

Off the bat, this one isn't a Quattro, being only front-wheel drive. Like its hotter brethren it is powered by Audi's venerable five-pot engine, although her in milder, normally aspirated form. Still, it hangs out on the front like Rose on the Titanic. Playing the part of Jack behind that is another 5, as in a five-speed manual transaxle. I used to drive an old Fox and I always liked how Audi shoved the radiator over to the side on these cars so the engine could have enough room on the right to let its freak flag fly.


Here, the 2.2-litre five freaks out to the tune of 110-bhp. This being an '85, it also sports the model's mid-cycle refresh styling, which debuted the year prior, and includes smoother headlamps and bumpers over the previous models. The basic Giorgetto Giugiaro-penned body has also held up well styling-wise.


You might think that the modest power, FWD and eighties angular styling might make this an also-ran in the cool coupes market, but be aware that Car and Driver anointed the Coupe GT as the best Sports Coupe in America in 1985, and also called it the year's biggest surprise.


You might be surprised at the condition of this one. Twenty nine years hasn't seemed to had much affect on the car inside or out. The appropriately silver paint looks good and there doesn't appear to be any scuffing of the bumper caps, nor curb rash on the alloy wheels. This one also appears to have the Euro lights and front indicators, which is a bonus.

The interior, with its cloth sport seats and typically efficient Audi dash, looks like it could have just rolled out of Ingolstadt. Oh sure, the seat belts look like they're a little reluctant to retract fully, but the upholstery is in such nice shape that it makes me wonder if it has recently been redone.


The car's condition is perhaps even more amazing when you realize that it has 195,000 miles on the clock. Despite the years and miles, the ad claims that the one-owner car is rust-free and runs and drives beautifully. The ad further states that there are no leaks and that the A/C is just as cold as a stare-down from your ex.


Best of all perhaps is that it comes not only with all its original literature, but with the window sticker too. That's the best kind of time capsule, the one you can drive! All that comes with a $6,800 price tag, and I'd now appreciate it if you could weigh in on whether that seems like a deal or not. What do you think, is this Coupe GT's price a coup d'etat? Or, for that much would you likely not be saying Audi, pardner?

You decide!


eBay out of Southern California, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Dan for the hookup!

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