You can count the number of modern factory six-cylinder motorcycles on one hand. Of those, Honda’s CBX is probably the most legendary. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe X is a Super Sport, and it could be yours if X marks the spot when it comes to its price.

How do you define fun? How about whimsy? Well, both those words could describe yesterday’s custom 1973 Ford Pinto pickup. And according to its 64% Nice Price win, you could add value to that list of descriptors too.

Pop quiz time! What was the first vehicle that Jay Leno bought that was brand new off the lot? Come on, lives depend on your answer.

Time’s up, it was a 1979 Honda CBX. Jay wrecked that one but he liked it so much that he went right back to the dealer and bought another one. He still owns that bike to this day, 33 years later, and shows his pride of ownership here. His is all original, as seemingly is this 1982 CBX Super Sport that’s up for sale in Illinois.


Have you noticed that we’re doing a lot more with bikes here these days? That rocks. I myself have not been able to ride for years due to a chronic condition called being married to my wife, but I do love to live vicariously through others. The CBX has always been one of my vicarious fantasies.

Honda first introduced the CBX in 1978 and it was mind blowing, it just seemed so extravagantly excessive with its six pipes and wide-topped engine. It wasn’t the first straight-six bike, in fact it wasn’t even Honda’s first, but it’s probably the one the one that everyone pictures when someone says “six cylinder bike,” which everyone eventually does.


The CBX gained critical acclaim generally, garnering perhaps most notably the raised nostrils of approval from one of my journalistic heroes, L.J.K. Setright who said that the CBX offered “effortless superiority which is the mark of the true aristocrat.”

This one is the later CBX-B Touring which added a fairing up front and panniers in the back. The 1,047-cc DOHC air-cooled six produced 100-bhp here, down a hair from 103 in the earlier models due to emissions. The Super Sports also received a mono shock Pro-Link rearend in place of the former dual shock set up. Better brakes and a beefier frame rounded out the updates.


This one, in white with factory tri-blue striping, rocks just under 12,000 miles and looks to be in perfectly serviceable condition albeit not showroom fresh. And yes, it does look a bit like a cop bike.

The ad notes that the carbs have been recently rebuilt - that’s a $900 job at the place Jay touts in his video - as well as a new rear tire and a fluid change.


It comes with the original owner’s manual and tool kit and yes, that dumb-ass 80-MPH speedo that you can peg in second. Wouldn’t that be a blast to do?

Well, to do some pegging on this CBX you’d need to come up with $6,800. Now, that’s hypothetical as no one is expecting YOU to come up with that kind of cash, only a vote as to whether or not doing so would be a good idea.


Prices on CBXs are high and getting higher, and this one seems to be in good shape and at the low end of the spectrum. Considering that do you think that $6,800 is a deal for a classic ride? Or, is that too much to make your garage like Jay Leno’s Garage?

You decide!


Springfield IL Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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