For $6,765, This Is Not Just Another Saab Story

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For today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe we're going to the Land of the Midnight Sun — Sweden to be exact — for a blown Saab that might just blow your mind. That is of course, if its price doesn't simply blow.

It's odd that the somewhat lurid color coating yesterday's 1989 325is is named for Laguna Seca as that track's very apt name means dry lagoon, and there's nothing blue about that. That color might have played a part in the Bimmer's 65% Crack Pipe loss, but if you had to single out one aspect of the car that tipped the scales away from its favor, it would have to be its automatic transmission. You guys seem to hate slushers worse than terrorists and first date accidental sharting combined.


Today's wild 1971 Saab 95 not only rocks a 4-speed stick (cue angels on high), but it probably still has that freewheeling feature for which old Saabs were known that makes going downhill feel akin to doing so in a shopping trolly.


The Saab 95 was originally a wagon derivation of the 93, but by the time this car was built, it had more in common with the 96. That included the Ford Taunus-sourced 1,498-cc V4 engine that here rocks the modernity of fuel injection and electronic ignition. It's is also blown - and not in the rod through the block fashion, but by a roots-type kompressor proudly punching through the pointy part of the car's hood like a fist of fury though Ikea particleboard.

From the front that blower with its double barrel sawed off intakes, along with the ominous black paint, gives the car a whole lotta' Mad Max appeal. The ad - which Google translates all kinds of hilariously - notes that the engine, along with a good bit of the rest of the mechanicals, has been recently rebuilt. The other new bits include a lightened flywheel, reinforced clutch, rebuilt brakes, and a suspension which in the rear is air-suspended. Yumping Yimminiy!


The body is amazingly stock, including its ‘50s echoing fins and duck's ass roofline. Spiffing it up a bit there are a set of Moons, an exhaust pipe popped through the rear fender, and a bit of salacious Swedish Bikini Team artwork adorning the shaved back door. The tint on the windows is a little douchie, but works with the black paint so we can probably give that a pass.


Pop open either of the side doors and you'll be confronted by an interior that's again mostly stock, but that contains some unique add-ons - you know, so you can pick it out from the crowd. First off, there's a red anodized baseball bat clipped to the driver's door. I don't know if they even play b-ball in Sweden so perhaps that's for evening things up when you pick a fight with a moose. Then, attached to the 3/4 steering wheel, is what is either the world's most poorly conceived brodie knob, or its most convenient set of brass knuckles. Take your pick. If you like entertainment options that don't include the blower's whine, there's a ceiling-mounted 10" TV screen hooked up to a DVD player too.


Packaged all together this little Saab is balls-deep amazing, and really there's no way you're going to find anything like it on either side of the Atlantic. Also, who doesn't like little wagons? Right now the work on this 95 is said to be two years old, and the car is presently living in Sweden. If you are presently NOT living in Sweden, you'll need to include the into the purchase price valuations the cost of having the car shipped to your locale. Of course, considering that a lot of Swedes look like Princess Madeleine picking the Saab up in person might be well worth the trip. Yorgdy-vorgdy, Princess Madeleine!

Along with the transportation costs, purchasing this custom 95 requires either a backhoe - seriously, that's what the seller floats as a potential trade - or 44,000 SEK- the stuff Swedes use to buy all their Scandinavian aesthetic shit. At present conversion rates that works out to about $6,765 American. Yeah, less than seven grand. What do you think about that price, is that enough to make this Custom 95 a winner? Or, would paying that much for this Saab mean that it wouldn't be the only thing that would have to be blown?


You decide!

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