Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe F100 has been absent on the road for twenty-eight years. It still looks pretty sweet, but will its price have you saying what the eff?

Hey, NASA found water on Mars! That’s awesome, but it would have been more impressive if Monday’s announcement had been that they had in fact found water in CALIFORNIA! I’m just saying.

Whether on Mars or what’s soon to become the Cacti State® if you want to traverse rugged, inhospitable terrain to get to that scenic outlook or Starbucks then you’ll probably want something like yesterday’s 1969 2x2 Rokon Trail Breaker.

Quirky, capable, and made in America, it looked like something Chuck Norris might use to go take a dump in the woods with his wrasslin’ bear buddies. At two-grand, that unique two-wheeler was also considered a deal, pulling out a narrow but decisive 54% Nice Price win.

That’s awesome and all, but how would you get that Rokon to the trail’s edge?


Trucks used to be simple, honest work vehicles that might carry a Rokon or bags of cow shit. That was before hearts got achy-break and cowboys got all Keith Urban. The fact is, the English word truck first arrived around 1611 describing a “small wheel or roller for mounting a canon.” That makes its work history far longer than that of being a fashion accessory.

This 1972 Ford F100 half-ton long bed comes from that era of working trucks, but it’s not quite ready to get down to business. You see, the ad notes that this Explorer (that was a trim package before it was an SUV) has been sitting idle since 1987 when its then-owner decided driving it was no longer in the cards.


Apparently that means that all that deferred maintenance will need to be done before you get this truck back to work. Hell, that’s like 75 oil changes! The description notes the need for a new muffler and tailpipe, plus all fluids changed. The brakes will additionally need to be checked and probably rebuilt. Also, all the hoses and belts will need to get the heave ho. I’d say that’s about a weekend’s worth of shade tree right there.

What would you have come Monday morning? Well, a pretty tidy truck with a 302 (130 net horsepower), three on the tree transmission, and Twin I-Beam front suspension.


In 1972 Ford may have offered the F-Series Styleside in 162 different two-tone combinations, but this one settles for being Fiesta Tan all over. That comes with a stick frame shell on the back and what looks to be a working bug deflector on the front. Rostyle wheel covers are an excellent accent, and over all there doesn’t seem to be anything majorly wrong with the truck aesthetically.

Mileage is a nominal 46,000, owing to the truck having sat for more than half its life. If you’re looking for heated seats, power windows and LIDAR cruise control with chaff deployment countermeasures, then this isn’t the truck for you. Enjoy your decaf latte, Nancy.

If however, you think experiencing what a working truck used to be is something everyone should check off their to-do list, then let’s have a gander at this truck’s asking.


The ad says $6,500 will put this truck in your driveway. Yes, it’ll likely have to be towed there, but we already went over that. What do you think, is that a fair price to be able to bring this truck back to life/work balance? Or, is that just too much to wake the dead?

You decide!


Harrisburg PA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to thedaveeffect for the hookup!

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