Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Porsche’s 928 is best known not for what up top, but for its Sir Mix-A-Lot worthy rump. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe edition has “dat ass” but as an added bonus, it goes topless. You have to determine if its price is also in top form.

Furgone baby, gone it may have been, but yesterday's cool but rust ridden Alfa Romeo F12 proved to still be solid enough to carry the day, posting a respectable 56% Nice Price win. That was our fourth win this week, and showed that the little Italian van may be Furgone, but it's not forgotten.

Today’s candidate is a custom-built Porsche 928 convertible, located in - where else - Florida. That southern state, so accurately described by Homer Simpson as America’s wang, has both the weather and the unbridled crazy to create such an amazing beast.


The ad is light on details - so much so that its creator even lightened the Porsche name in its title, dropping the uber heavy letter c. Porshe. Porshe, Porshe, Porshe. See, it still works. Also, Coo-hwhip.

There’s also some talk of a new timing belt and possibly a replaced water pump but the single line of description’s total lack of punctuation makes it entirely too difficult to tell.


There’s a lot to tell from the pictures however, and from those we can see that the top actually looks as though it was created by someone who had an idea of what they were doing. Most home-brew convertibles have rickety coverings that look like they were designed by the boy scout troop where they put the droolers, the biters, and the kids that like to start fires.

The rest of the conversion is a little less successful as there doesn’t seem to be an actual trunk opening on the car. That'll make retrieving that golf bag left there beforehand pretty damn hard. Also, the spoiler that's been blended into the tail looks like the first big swipe from a tub of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

There’s no mention of mileage, or even original year of manufacture. Owing to the spoiler in front I'd guess that it hails from the early eighties, say around ’84-’85, but this Rennlist thread appears to be about the same car and it says it's an '80. Of course, much like Wilde's Dorian Gray or LA's Angelyne, it's sometimes hard to tell a 928's age.


You can tell a horse's age by opening their mouth and looking at their teeth. Popping the hood on this Porsche reveals an engine compartment that looks its age, and in fact is akin to peering into a meth addict's septic pie hole.

There's no sign amidst the grunge and questionable hoses and wiring of the claimed timing belt change, and in fact just dropping the hood and then dropping the top would probably be the best course of action to take here.


With no shots of the interior, and but that single sentence description, there's no way of telling what the remainder of the drivetrain is, or its condition. We can tell that the body looks straight and that, under the patina of filth, the paint seems shiny. That's about it.

Prices for 928s are all over the place, exemplary late models hovering in the upper teens and twenties while the ones that have been let to go fallow can almost be had for free. This one has an asking price of $6,000, which seems to be its standard MO as that's what was asked in the Rennlist referenced ad.


What do you think about that price for this car? is six grand a deal for a 928 that flips its lid? Or, does that raise your 92-hate?

You decide!


Tampa Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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