For $6,000, Buying This Vette Might Put Some Boogie into Your Nights

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Rays and skates are typically bottom feeders, gorging themselves on whatever they happen to come across. Today, we've come across a '75 Stingray for Nice Price or Crack Pipe, and while an old fish, its price is pretty rock bottom.


On Tuesday we had an arrest-me red sportscar, and yesterday saw a ‘70s example of an American pony car icon - which galloped away with a 77.13% Nice Price win that suffered a glue factory-condemning 72.24% Crack Pipe loss. Mix those two cars together and you might come up with today's 1975 Chevy Corvette Stingray.

We've had C3 ‘Vettes here on NPOCP before, but they've either been heavily modded, or rocked the slushbox, which, as you know, is like kryptonite to many a Jalopnik commenter (so. . . very. . . weak). This 118K example was built a year before the United States' bicentennial, but still sports an American flag above its driver side badge and side vent to show its patriotism. The seller doesn't note the transmission type in the ad, but a quick peek at the interior shot shows both a 4-speed shift lever (yeah!) and a cosseting set of shearling seat covers- automobiledom's equivalent of the Snuggie®.

Outside it sports steelies, a red paint job and a windshield-mounted For Sale sign. The body looks pretty good, at least from the Walgreens Disposable Camera-quality shots in the ad. Of course it's pretty hard to dent fiberglass, and the paint crazing typical of an old Vette doesn't how up in so crappy a snapshot. Either way, you'd probably be driving this thing mostly at night, channeling your inner Dirk Diggler- only without the abs-stressing trouser python. By doing so you can better hide the fact that your tags aren't current, owing to the fact that this Vette's catalytic converter, like Dirk's career, has gone missing.

Underhood, and dirtier than a Rollergirl threesome, is a ubiquitous SBC, and sadly here it's an L48 and not the Dirk-ier L82 meaning a meager 165-bhp rather than 205, and a zero to sixty time - even with the stick - of 7.5 seconds. Yeah, so your Hyundai can do better, what's your point?


Your Hyundai, and in fact no car sold today that my bourbon-addled brain can think of, comes with T-tops however, and not only do the tops on this Vette T, but the headlights pop up - another lost beloved attribute - and the door handles will splash you when you try and open the door after a good rain. You just can't buy that kind of character these days.

Well, actually you can, and in this case it'd cost $6,000 to do so. That's pretty cheap for Corvette Town, but then this isn't the Vette with the best reputation for build quality or drivability. But all that doesn't overcome the fact that this bad boy rocks enough coke bottle in its hips to cause you to spontaneously belch when in its presence, and the rubber baby buggy bumpers actually look good on the car, an amazing feat for the ‘70s when most cars' insurance company-mandated bumpers were like strapping Janet Reno to Gisele Bundchen.


So what's the story, do you think this seller may own the Corvette but the magic that's in the Corvette belongs to whomever can come up with that six grand? Or, like Dirk Diggler, is he just being a big dick for asking that much?

You decide!


Denver Omlette Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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Umm.. I think you're confused on the outcome of yesterday's vote. As it sits now, the Mustang II King Cobra is sitting close to a 75% Crack Pipe loss. Some web clown just flipped the location of the results.