Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Diplomatic immunity means never having to say you're sorry. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Euro-spec Mercedes 300D looks like something a foreign attaché might drive, but will its price tax your diplomacy?

A robust 83% Nice Price win was the take away for yesterday's 302-powered XR4Ti, the lure of its odd shape and obvious nose-heavy handling entertainment apparently seeming to be worth its inauspicious price tag. Congrats to the seller for that, and as well for his new baby because that means - you know - he had sex. The funny coincidence about that is that I once had a threesome with a pair of double-d packin' VARIG stewardesses in the back of a Merkur XR4Ti, and let me tell you it was. . .


BREAKING NEWS: We interrupt this Nice Price or Crack Pipe feature to bring you an important bulletin. According to tipster Mark Howell, that batshitcrazypants F150 featured two weeks ago has not only failed to find a buyer, but has seen further progress by its current owner, and is now being offered at a grand more than before. Currently painted a fresh coat of bonkers black, the Cadillac fins, Chevy hood, and Benz grille seem even more like tumorous growths, but are nothing compared to the Insane Clown Posse concert that is its interior. More updates as they happen! We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

. . . and that's why I never go anywhere without a fake ID and a laminated copy of the Kama Sutra.


Speaking of travel, who wouldn't want to go places in this sweet Euro-spec 1983 300D? Offered up by its second owner, this blue Benz is said to have originally been imported by a diplomat. Apparently the diplomatic trade wasn't as lucrative as Hollywood would have you believe, seeing how this diesel W123 is outfitted more for taxi service than the consul corps.


Despite the somewhat parsimonious optioning, the cloth upholstery, manual windows, and stick shift all lend a further sense of its foreign nature and international intrigue. The only downside would be the lingering thought that someone has planted a bomb under it every time you fire it up. After all, you know too much.

Part of that knowledge is that, at only 196,000 miles, this 300D is just getting warmed up, as the W123 has a well-eared a reputation for Terminator-like tenacity. Most of you will also know that the 88-horse OM617 diesel five cylinder will continue running even after diplomatic entreaties have all failed and the planet has been reduced to a radioactive cinder - and according to the Mayans that's not for months. What you might not know that this Euro-intended 300D lacks the turbo fitted to U.S. models.


The W123 was one of the last cars Mercedes designed to outlive multiple owners - an intent that stands in stark contrast to the planned obsolescence of products today, and this car appears to bear that out. The seller claims that it is in good overall shape, exhibiting just a few dings and scratches in what he says is its original Surf Blue paint. There is some rust (cue dramatic music) - part of the trunk floor having given itself to that despoiler of ferrous metals, as well as some spots on the front fender. None of that should be a deal killer however, and all the non-U.S. parts - the diminutive bumpers and adjustable glass block headlamp units - all appear complete and unmarred.


He also says that it has recently been the happy recipient of a new clutch and pressure plate, as well as a quartet of Vredestein Sprint tires, a brand whose name sounds so German they probably roll into Poland of their own accord. The clock is claimed to be the only non-functional part of the car, but as you're not likely to be worried about this Benz wearing out, who cares what time it is?

You may however, care about this Euro-diesel's price, which is presently $5,900. Diplomacy being a game of nuance and tact, do you think that is a price that may engender warm relations with this venerable Benz? Or, do you think asking that much means war?


You decide!


Baltimore Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to nicksails for the hookup!

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