Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

I could easily have titled this Nice Price or Crack Pipe “Florida Man Sells Car” since this wildly modded Olds is both Orlando-located and about as Florida as you can get. Let’s see if its price has you saying South America, take it away!!!

The Brexit vote signaled Great Britain’s desire to withdraw from the European Union. Or maybe not, as there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding that unexpected result.


There was no confusion however, about the insertion of a Japanese motor into a British car as yesterday’s Mazda-powered 1981 Triumph TR7 convertible proved a union worthy of its sub two-grand price. That earned it a solid 86% Nice Price win and a lot of praise in the comments. Maybe someone closer to Seattle will buy it so I don’t have to make the trip.

That jaunty wedge of cheese was Triumph’s last hurrah here in the States. The present brand of bikes sold under the Triumph name has nothing other than that name in common with Triumph the auto maker which is presently owned and mothballed by BMW.

There’s another brand that has likewise gone the way of Elvis, and that is Oldsmobile. GM still most likely has the rights to that venerable name, but there’s little chance of them resurrecting it as say, as special trim package on a Buick or the like. Olds is dead and dead is forever as they are wont to say on the necrophilia boards at 4Chan.


That doesn’t mean however that there isn’t a lot of life left in the Oldsmobiles left hanging around to carry on the name. And if you don’t think this 1996 Olds Cutlass Supreme custom wide body wouldn’t add some life to your life then maybe you’re dead too. You’re not dead are you?


Okay, so an old Olds W-body might not be your first choice as a blank canvas for a mad muscle car, but seeing this faux carbon fiber-wrapped wide body I’m sure glad someone did. Of course just what, you might ask, is going on here?

The car has been massaged from its pointy snout to its aero-tray’d ass and with some serious heft to its performance bonafides too, not just in the looks department. The engine is a freshly rebuilt 3800 L67 with a honkin’ big turbo force feeding it like it’s a goose destined to have a very tasty liver. Next to that lives and works a rebuilt Getrag 282 five-speed box operating through a six-puck clutch and F-body flywheel. Custom headers make for a pretty good sound, which you can hear at idle in the video below.

The suspension is custom coil-overs at all four corners and stopping comes by way of Corvette Z06 six-pot brakes behind C5 alloy wheels. That’s all wrapped in a matte-finish wide body that looks like something Mad Max could easily aver is his father’s Oldsmobile.


All is not perfect here however, as the ad notes this car needs some finishing and repair from sitting in sun for the past year. That’s okay though because it just gives the next owner the opportunity to imprint their own personal taste on one or more elements of the car.


Speaking of the car, isn’t the Cutlass just the best looking of GM’s FWD W-bodies? I mean that wrap-around rear window and floating roof still look fresh today. Plus who doesn’t love beer tap door handles?

Mileage is 115,000 on the car, 3500 on the drivetrain, and about an hour on the engine, according to the ad. It comes with a clean Florida title (honestly though is anything in Florida really that clean?) and the seller says he’s run out of time to give the car the attention it deserves.


That attention includes some wiring, some intake plumbing, the interior work (headliner, dash recover) and clean up of the wrap on the rear bumper. What the ad doesn’t mention is all the being awesome that would entail owning and just having this to work on in your driveway. You’d drop more panties than Joe Biden washing his Trans Am.


The seller says the blown engine is built to make 600-WHP. Can you imagine sending 600 horsepower through the front wheels? Your unequal-length half shafts would quickly become equally twisted as you headed for the nearest hard object like you were being drawn into it by a black hole.


Like I said, it’d be awesome.

Maybe the price will be as well. The seller is asking $5,500 and that includes a laptop with tuner software so you can dial in the romper-stomper under the hood to your own personal liking. What do you think, does that $5,500 seem like a deal for this newly modded Olds? Or, is that too wide a price for this wide body car?


You decide!


Orlando Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to mcf33zy for the hookup!

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