Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Perhaps due to their ubiquity, the 1994 Honda Accord is consistently in the top ten list of most stolen vehicles in the U.S.. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Accord Pickup will standout in a lineup, but is its price a steal, or a crime?

Not criminal, but Crack Pipe, that was the consensus yesterday for the mid-engine'd Vegamino repeat offender, and in fact it went down faster than Ray J, garnering itself an 88% loss. Damn Vegas just can't catch a break.

In parts of Yurrup, a Break is a form of wagon, a utility that has curried favor on the Continent for decades. Here in the U.S. we used to like wagons too, but then something happened - I think it was it was that cat turd of a movie about line dancing called Urban Cowboy - and suddenly all anybody could think about was trucks. Pickup trucks, SUVs, and those in-betweeners where the roof comes off, it seemed like all America was regressing back to their snot-nosed Tonka Truck®-demolishing childhood.

And even those are apparently not enough.

You remember in Close Encounters how Richard Dryfuss was obsessively seeing Devil's Tower in everything from inverted trashcans to mashed potatoes? Well similarly, somebody gazed at this 1994 Honda Accord and envisioned it as. . . a pickup truck.


They started with a two-door Accord LX, so the proportions aren't too far off, and the overall style and apparent workmanship evidenced in the admittedly tiny pics seems excellent. In fact, this thing looks a hundred times better than Honda's factory truck, the Ridgeline. This metallic teal and tool box equipped custom does look a little more like a funeral flower car than a plumber's pickup, but it's still pretty tidy.

There are no shots of the interior but the seller makes no claim of extensive modifications within, so one can assume it's the typical narcoleptic styling and Honda build quality of a standard Accord, but with greatly limited use of the seat back recliners. He does say that there's a 5-speed stick inside, and that's partnered with a four out of a '94 Prelude. That would make it a what, H22 or H23? Those of you with a penchant for Honda motors and good eyes might be able to tell from the pic in the ad. Whatever it is you can bet its Hondariffic and gets the MPGs like Jersey Shore's Snooki gets moles.


Mileage on the car is claimed to be 90K with the Quaalude motor sporting even less. The ad says that everything works - electric windows, ice-cold air, etc - and that the Michelin tires wrapped around the aftermarket rims are reasonably new.

What's not to like? Well, I may be wrong, but it appears that the tailgate doesn't open any farther than a plumber's ass crack, and then there's the fact that while apparently commodious, the Accord's stock suspension precludes carrying anything weightier than a presidential candidate's intellectual acumen. Plus, it's an Accord pickup truck which will confuse and potentially infuriate a certain class of real pickup truck drivers - people with more first names than front teeth - which is likely an occupational hazard of this car's ownership.


But what the hell, why not live life on the bleeding edge of bat-shit crazy? At least this ‘Mino doesn't have its engine cluttering up its bed and its steering wheel probably goes all the way around. Plus, unlike yesterday's mid-vega'd engine, this one still has daily driver potential, and costs less than a third as much.

But what about that price? You could buy a lot of clapped out ‘94 Accords for its $5,200 asking price- or hell, steal ‘em for even less as I hear that's the latest dance craze. But what if you're trying to keep your nose clean, and need the legendary reliability of a Honda coupled with the ability to transport bulky items? This could be your car.


What do you think, would $5,200 be too much to dump into this custom Accord pickup? Or, does that price mean that the seller and buyer will soon reach. . .wait for it. . . an Accord?

You decide!


Atlanta Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to loyal Twitter follower, Shawn for the hookup!

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