Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Do you ever think that the reason the Walking Dead are always so hungry because they're worn out form all the damn walking? Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Pontiac hearse could be like public transit for the passed-on, but will its price make you give it a pass?

Just like with vampires and the Kardashians, society seems to have a lurid fascination with zombies. This is a phenomenon that crosses cultures and is so rich that there are even categories of zombies, from the shuffling maggot feasts of the traditional form, all the way to the odd unexplained returnees of TV shows like Les Revenants (great) and Resurrection (not so great).

But what if you're a car guy and you just so happen to end up dead and loving it? Do you want to spend your afterlife walking everywhere and starving all the time? Or, would you rather still be able to avail yourself of the drive-thru?

If your answer is a hearty brains hells yes, then perhaps this hearse-converted 1969 Pontiac Bonneville might just be the perfect postmortem mode of transportation. Built off of the massive B-body platform, this both high and long roof Bonnie is interesting as it has glass all the way around rather than the more traditional hearse/ambulance form of padded back with landau bars.


Likely this is one of the Combination Coaches made by Superior Coach Corp of Ohio, which were more often purposed as ambulances. This one is set up as a hearse, and owing to all the glass perhaps it's one for extroverts.

On the inside, the front seating looks like it has lots of life left in it, while out back there's plenty of room for both sitting - afforded by a pair of face-to-face jump seats in case you want to play Miss Mary Mack - and for traveling in recline. It also looks to be air conditioned back there so you needn't worry about passengers stinking up the joint.


The exterior looks to be in fine shape too and the Pontiac B-body lends itself well to the heightening required of a purpose-built casket carrier. It might need paint if you're looking to impress your girlfriend's parents (R.I.P.), or you could just leave it as is and enjoy the patina of decay. The seller claims that your could drive this hearse anywhere, as it's a dependable ride.

What kind of mill keeps its ticker ticking? Well, that's hard to say as there were a bunch of big-ass V8s offered by Pontiac in '69, all the way from a 389 to the mighty mighty 455. Of course it has some sort of THM slusher playing backup.


They say it's not the cough that carries you off, but the coffin they carry you off in. If that's true then you might want to be prepared for the non-taxes part of life's inevitabilities by investing in a final ride. After all, as we noted earlier, who wants to walk to your final resting place? The investment here is $5,000, which gets you something that not only will standout in your neighborhood, but will also creep out your neighbors, sort of a win-win.

What's your take on that price for this cool old hearse? Is that a deal that should have buyers rising from the dead? Or, along with the last rites, did this hearse receive the wrong price?

You decide!


Los Angeles Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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