For $5,000, Have Some Safe SLX

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Back when your mom was a total Betty the Platters reached number one on both the R&B and pop charts with The Great Pretender, a song about feigning not to care about a spurned love. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe SLX is a Trooper pretending it's an Acura, but will you spurn its five thousand dollar price? Ooh-ooh.

You know what they say about something that seems too good to be true - that it probably is? Well, that was the case yesterday with a suspiciously cheap Porsche 911 Speedster that turned out to be a scam. Funny thing though, even at a price intended to draw in unsuspecting and naive buyers, 57% of you still voted it Crack Pipe. Harsh bunch you guys are.


Hopefully today we've got an ad that's genuine, and a car that's the real deal. Of course we're perhaps not off to a good start as this 1998 Acura SLX isn't even a real Acura. Gasp! I know, right?

Back in the heady days of the ‘90s the automakers' bling was the SUV, and those companies lacking the wherewithal to build their own, had to beg borrow and steal one, or find a maker who was pretty down on its luck willing to slap a different badge on an existing product and send it on its merry way. So was the deal between Isuzu and Honda when the latter company discovered their product mix of small fuel efficient front drivers offered a weaksauce base for any form of burly 4X4. While a slew of other brands found themselves parodied by the Simpsons' Canyonero, all Honda got was a minivan based Homer's Odyssey.


Thankfully for Honda, Isuzu was - as always - having trouble moving the metal and was not too proud to sell their wares under another brand name. That marriage of expedience and total lack of shame resulted in the debut of the first generation Honda Passport - based on Isuzu's Rodeo - and today's contender, the Acura SLX, which was little more than a gussied up Trooper.


Now, you can slap some fancy duds on a bumpkin and while it may clean him up some, his intransigence still means he ends up freezing to death even though there is abundant room on the impromptu raft. There was plenty of room, Rose! Plenty of room!

Fortunately for Acura, the second generation Trooper upon which the SLX was based had already gone to finishing school, having cast off its agrarian trappings for a more urbane presentation. The Acura made standard most everything that the Trooper offered as optional, and simplified customers' buying decisions by offering a single drivetrain option.


By the time this ‘98 was first sold, that drivetrain was comprised of a 3.5-litre DOHC V6 - good for 215-bhp - and a 4-speed Asin automatic transmission. Isuzu's Torque On Demand all-wheel-drive system kept the tires in traction without much input from the driver, and the SLX received a re-calibrated suspension to soften the ride for all your hemorrhoidal needs.


This two-tone Black over burly man champaign-colored bumper and rockers SLX sports 138,000 miles and one of the biggest sunroofs you're ever likely to drunkenly flash a boob out of. The interior is awash in that gold standard of luxury bona fides, wood and leather, and like the exterior, it seems to have held up rather well. The SLX is a roomy five-seater, and out back offers a Kate Plus Eight's worth of grocery swallowing capacity behind its unique asymmetrical back doors. Those mean you'll never have a pair of pillars blocking your rearview, but still will be able to slide a four by eight sheet of plywood inside.

The seller says that family expansion demands this SLX be replaced by a more commodious vehicle making one wonder if it's presently owned by the Duggars. He also makes the claim of some major engine work having been done, apparently the result of a head gasket failure, which is a common problem on these engines due to excessive oil consumption. The AC compressor and water pump have also been renewed, along with the timing belt, which is noteworthy as this is an interference engine.


Aside from that and its apparent inability to keep up with its current owner's plan to outnumber the Foys, it's claimed to be a great driving truck. And one of the great things about an SLX is that it looks like a Range Rover while offering up the promise of significantly better reliability, and the luxury and capability of a contemporary Land Cruiser without that marque's reputation for ubiquity and somnambulance.

But is it worth five large? What do you think, does this SLX look like it could command that kind of cash? Or, is this a pretender with a price that's a dead ender?


You decide!


Minneapolis Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears. I promise this one's not a scam!

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