Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

With all due respect to Alanis Morissette, being ironic does not include a traffic jam when you're already late, nor a no-smoking sign on your cigarette break. No, ironic - by definition - is today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe W123 Diesel Drifter Wagon. The only question is — whether in a theater or not — should its price go down?

One of the neat features of yesterday's 1989 Merkur Scorpio was its large hatchback bodystyle, which could swallow bulky loads without breaking a sweat. Similarly, that car's condition and seemingly reasonable twelve hundred dollar price allowed it to carry home a generous 78% Nice Price win. Perhaps in this case what happens in Vegas won't necessarily stay in Vegas. That is unless something breaks. Which it will. Pretty much guaranteed.

I know what you've been thinking. You have been wondering when you're going to see another W123 wagon here on NPOCP? It's been a long, long time - weeks almost - and you want one nooooooooow! Well Veruca, un-bunch your panties and check out this bad ass 1984 300TD which is not only powered by that eternal flame of a five cylinder diesel - the om-nom-nom-able OM617 - but it also has been modded to be a weapon of ass-tire reduction.


Sporting welded spiders in its diff and not one but two turbos pumping up the torquey oil burner, this Benz is set up to drift. The ad makes the claim that the higher-flow fuel pump, embiggened injector pump, and larger delivery valves help the compound turbos feed the five to the tune of 200 ponies on race set up. Plugging in the stock valves apparently gets you 30MPG and a car that is claimed perfectly acceptable for daily driver duty. Hell, he even claims the A/C blows cold.

That plan may work out if your commute is pretty much nothing more than a straight line between point A and point B. That's because having a diff that's locked up tighter than that crazy aunt in your attic means going around corners will be a noisy affair.

Or maybe a smokey one. Who's to say you couldn't adapt your driving technique to this car's particular requirements, keeping your foot into it, belching equal quantities of diesel soot out the tailpipe and roostertailed smoldering bits of BF Goodrich onto the crosswalk occupants you just masterfully pirouetted around?


Whether the application of this dark grey over brown wagon's superpowers are for good or for evil will be up to the new owner, but regardless it'll look the part. The W123 has always been a looker, with classic lines and an open, airy greenhouse. This one takes advantage of all that glass as a canvas for stickers and event numbering. The hatch is equally plastered with affirmations of product endorsements, although that kind of thing doesn't doesn't seem to be of any benefit to me. BTW, does anybody else suddenly want to guzzle a can of Monster? And if you're worried about being the only drifter out there sporting a Benz grocery getter, rest assured, you're not


But back to our car. I'm guessing the five-spoke alloys come with the car, although other wheels appear in some of the ad's action shots. There's also a 4-inch exhaust with an inch greater tip that appears to be exiting through the hatch. I know, freakshow exhaust.

There's an adage that says go big or go home. If you happen to want to do both then this crazy-ass drifter might just be your cup of schnapps. Of course with a $5,000 asking price your attention may just drift elsewhere. Is that five grand for this sidewinder Benz something that keeps your attention? Or, does that make your dreams of a diesel drifter go up in smoke?


You decide!

Atlanta Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to It's not a T-REX it's a CRX for the hookup!

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