Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Presaging modern trends, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe 2000 Audi A6 offered a smallish engine with big turbo dreams to power the executive class saloon. Let’s see if this rare six-speed edition’s price has also kept up with the times.

Okay everybody, you can put away the Ambien because apparently yesterday’s 1999 Mercury Cougar was dull enough to cure insomnia. That was even with its iconic knife-edge styling, its bizarrely low mileage and the fact that, at, its present age, this Cougar really is a cougar (in cat years).


Happily for the seller that was just enough and his recently lowered price prove enough of a drop too, allowing him to limbo under our gaze and it fell in an RCH tight but decisive 51% Nice Price win.

About the same time back in the day that you could buy a dull as dishwater cat you could also buy—for a shit-ton more money—a German saloon that would probably keep you up all night with the rabid desire to drive it.

The C5 edition of Audi’s mid-level executive saloon, dubbed the A6 in market, elevated the model to serious contender in consumers’ German sedan consideration set. It offered an amazingly aerodynamic semi-fastback body, a quality interior that attempted to hide a plethora of parts shared with lower cars like the VW Golf, and a wide selection of engines spanning their way from mild to wild.


This 2000 A6 rocks the 247-bhp 2.7-litre twin-turbo V6, an engine that chipped about three seconds off of what the standard 2.8-litre could do to sixty. It also looks a hell of a lot cooler under the hood with its prominent Y pipe and BITURBO badging in a stately but sporty san-serif italic font.


The real interesting factor here however is the six-speed manual which stands in for the more commonly expected five-gear Triptronic. The seller claims a brand new clutch sits between the biturbo and the six cogger.

The ad also claims this non-smoker car to run perfect and that the 202,000 miles reading on the odometer shouldn’t scare buyers off. Come on back y’all, it won’t bite. Well, actually all four tires will bite, owing to the Quattro drivetrain and its torque-distributing Torsen central diff.


Aesthetically, the car does show those miles in places. The rub strip is hanging off the passenger door, the front bumper seems to show a scratch, and the hood exhibits what looks to be an imperfection near the driver’s wiper. I can’t tell if that’s a bit of popped paint, a reflection, or the result of an errant seagull flying over as the pics were being taken. Other than those issues, the body—in indigo blue—looks to have held up well, even if it could stand a wash.


The interior also seems to present well, and seriously, nobody does interiors quite as well as Audi. The leather looks to have discolored with age, but is at least fully intact, and of course these cars were optioned to the hilt so be prepared to be pampered while inside. In fact, you might want to just move in there.


Offered by a dealer in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho this desirably equipped A6 comes with a $4,995 asking, just a few bucks more than yesterday’s dull-ass Cougar!

What’s your take on this mileage-rich Audi and that $4,995 price? Does that feel like an equatable deal for the car as presented? Or, despite all the numbers—A6, two turbos, six speeds—does that price just not add up?


You decide!


Spokane WA Craigslist (although the car is in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) or go here if the ad disappears.

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Rob Emslie is a contributing writer for Jalopnik. He has too many cars, and not enough time to work on them all.

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