Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Looking at modern day Nissan products its hard to imagine that a car like our Nice Price or Crack Pipe 300ZX came from the same company. The Z32 wasn’t just one of the best-looking Zs, it’s arguably one of the best looking sports cars of all time. Let’s see if this one’s price is equally attractive.

Jay Leno loves the vintage Kawasaki H2 and so should you! What with seventy-some ponies from its two-stroke triple and a lightweight, woefully-engineered chassis, it’d be a barrel of monkeys to ride at anything near full-aggressive.

Of course, by barrel of monkeys I mean a terrifying experience, as monkeys trapping in a barrel would no doubt be pretty pissed-off once they escaped and they’d likely take out their aggression by doing things like biting your nuts off and throwing poop—your own poop—at you.

Perhaps not so terrifying, but more disappointing was the price of yesterday’s 1975 Kawasaki H2C as fully 88% of you thought not even Jay should spend so much.

That bike was a perfect example of how the Seventies were an era of development for the Japanese motorcycle makers, honing their machines a step at a time. When it came to Japanese sports cars, the Seventies also was an era of discovery, seeing cars like the Toyota Celica, Mazda RX7 and Datsun’s Z-car evolving, each along a different path.


By the time the Eighties came around Datsun had adopted its parent Nissan’s name, and the Z had fully gone from sexy Elvis to fat Elvis. At the time it could very well have gone the way of pants at half-mast, croaked on the toilet floor Elvis.

Instead, the Z got a trainer, got some new clothes and gained some confidence to put itself out there again. Yeah it was even heavier than the previous and kind of homely Z31, but it carried that weight in a much better manner.


These days the Z32 Z is just another old Japanese sports car that isn’t a Miata. That means that these cars don’t get much love and most of the ones on the market today are either fright pigs or cars modded beyond belief. Sometimes they can be both.

This 1990 300ZX NA falls somewhere in between. The red on black T-top equipped coupe sports some subtle exterior modifications - a Stillen faux-vented panel between the headlights, TT front bumper, and 350Z wheels among them. The paint is said to be only 8-months old, but needs reshooting in the back for some reason. Overall it looks angry but not too eff’d up.


The interior is equally tidy and it should be noted that the Z32 interior is about as close to a Porsche 928's insides as many of us will ever get. This one has red snoods for the shifter and brake, some kind of stereo as they do, and a quick release steering wheel that trades a working horn for the ability to accommodate really effing fat people.

Mechanically is where this car really gets interesting. That snooded shifter connects to a rebuilt five-speed manual, and that’s fronted by what’s described as a XTD Stage 4 clutch on a shaved flywheel. A one-piece driveshaft takes the power back to the party.


That power is made by what’s described as a JDM edition of the VG30DE with 50K under its belt. The car itself reads 122K. That mill has new top ends, new timing belts, new seals, new gaskets, and all silicone hoses if you’re into that.

The weird part isn’t all that’s been added, it’s all that’s gone missing from the car. The ad says that the A/C and cruise control have been deleted and the cats gutted. Not only that but that but the ad contains this ominous statement “unnecessary over engineered emission components deleted (no check engine lights).” The seller says that being over 25 years old it doesn’t need to pass smog. That’s not the case in California, so those of us living here will just have to it on our hands for this one.


For the rest of you, the car comes with a clean Nevada title, and a $4,000 price tag. Considering all that’s gone into this Z, and all that’s come off, do you think that’s a fair price, or a doofus deal?

You decide!


Sacramento Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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