Do you like Ford’s SVT Raptor pickup but feel that the available Supercab or four-door body styles might just set off your agoraphobia? If so, have a look at today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Roush Standard Cab. Of course it’s price might have you staying indoors too.

Oh man, you’re killing me, Smalls. Yesterday’s 1987 BMW 325i with a Camaro SS LT1 seemed like a slam dunk at its $3,200 asking. But nooooo. Instead, it lingered all morning at a 50/50 vote, only late in the game edging over to a modest 52 percent Nice Price win.

So, I’ve been listening to The History of English podcast these past few weeks. From that I’ve been learning all about the etymology of many of the words in my native tongue, and the languages that preceded it. The series is filled with fascinating connections, like the fact that Bavarian—as in Bavarian Motor Works—is cognate with Bohemian since they both arose from the name of an old Germanic tribe called the Boii. Hey Boii!

Raptor is a word that goes back even farther than that, all the way to Latin, where it evolved to mean plunderer. Today, most of us know it as a model of bird, one of the animatronic protagonists of the Jurassic Park films, or perhaps more so as a hot Ford F150 pickup imbued with SVT goodness.


Not everybody is satisfied with what Ford hath wrought however, and as example of that dissatisfaction here we have a 2014 Roush-powered F150 STX that has been given the Raptor effect by its commissioner.

That was apparently the owner of the online parts house Late Model Restoration and its base was something the factory never offered as a Raptor, an old school standard cab.


Now, why would you go to the Barney of building a faux-Raptor where the back glass is your headrest when Ford’s building them as the roomier Super Cab and Crew Cabs? How the hell should I know? Stop asking me questions, I’m not your mom! Anyways, here it is and as noted in its ad it’s sort of the best of both worlds—factory and personal taste.

As I said, the Latin word Raptor meant plunderer and that’s seemingly what the builders of this truck did, raiding the Ford Performance parts bin and dealer service counter for the bits to turn it from merely STX to Raptorlicious.

The updates from the LMR site note Ford Performance Racing Raptor wheels, the adoption of the full Raptor suspension including but not limited to external bypass shocks at each corner, and a Raptor front clip and badges all around. Inside it gets a Raptor tiller, 40/20/40 seats and an air vent-mounted boost gauge.


Sounds like enrapture, right? Well we haven’t even gotten to what’s under that Raptor hood yet so hold your horses.

There you’ll find a Ford 5-litre V8 topped by a Roush Phase 2 supercharger and dressed to kill in Roush-branded cam covers. There’s a beast behind that beauty too, with a claimed 570 horses at the crank. The ad says it drives like a Raptor, but is much quicker than the factory ride owing to its lighter weight and higher horsepower. As you might expect, a six-speed automatic keeps those ponies in line, and the truck is a 4x4.


The ad claims there are only 8,000 miles (or maybe 14,000) on this custom-built F150. Regardless of that discrepancy, the truck comes across as spotless in the photos, both in its extremely red bodywork and its under-hood presentation. We don’t get any current interior shots (come on people, show us the corner office), however the truck’s LMR page does give a glimpse. One would assume a clear title although no mention is made in the ad.

What is talked about is the price, which is $39,500. Now that there is some serious bank, but then a factory ’14 Raptor is likely to go for more. This is less, perhaps owing to its shorter cab and smaller but mightier mill.


What do you think, is this custom Roush Raptor worth that kind of scratch? Or, is $39,500 just too much plunder?

You decide!


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