For $32,500, Be A Gentleman Bronco

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

While horses are typically afraid of snakes, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Bronco seems to take to its Cobra mill without trepidation. Will its price however scare off potential buyers?

Ford first introduced their Bronco off-roader in 1966 as competition to Jeep's CJ models. When you think about it, that is somewhat ironic as the consumer Jeep was in fact the descendant of the military GP, which was originally built by, among others, the Ford Motor Company.


The Bronco looked a little more modern than the Jeep - in fact being close in appearance to the similarly positioned International Harvester Scout - but underneath it was just as big-balls tough.

A big difference between the Bronco and CJ was the front suspension however. The Bronco got its axles from the 4X4 edition of the F-100 pick-em-up truck, but exchanged that truck's leaf springs for coils and leading links. This setup allowed for a tighter (or toit-uh if you're Australian) turning circle and longer travel. The reared was appropriately cart sprung.

The early Broncos were available with a slew of engines, starting with the stout but wimpy 170-CID straight six and topping out with the iconic 302 Windsor V8. Today's 1974 Bronco tops them all with a 4.6-litre quad cam crate motor that possesses a snake on its intake.


Ford's Modular V8 debuted all the way back in 1991 with a pair of overhead cams to call its own and a sassy attitude. The Blue Oval boys were no strangers to OHC V8 engines, having produced the romper stomper 427 Cammer back in the day, as well as a financially backing and branding Cosworth's hugely successful DFV racing mills.

That meant that adding another pair of cams to the 4.6 engine was a piece of cake, and Ford has managed to extract a sizable amount of power out of these engines over the years. The pony count in this one goes undisclosed, but the seller does note that it was a crate motor purchased from Ford Racing. He also notes a proprietary wiring harness contracted for the installation at a cost of three grand. That seems onerous when you consider that Ford Racing offers a bunch of specialty harnesses for lots less.


Backing up the burly mill is what's described as a rebuilt automatic, and one would guess that to be one of the later 4-cog boxes rather than an old C3 or C6, but who knows? Power goes to all four wheels via a part-time system featuring a 2-speed Dana transfer case and manually locking hubs up front. The tires - on Cragar Steelies - are claimed to be new.


Other visual cues include a hood that has been replaced with a high-rise fiberglass dealio necessary to clear the Cobra badge on the plenum, and which has been painted black on its central hillock to compliment to the gloss grey of the remainder of the truck.


That paint wraps around relatively stock body, although the door handles have been shaved and an added pair of coiled snakes charm the flanks. The truck doesn't seem to come with a hard top, but it does have a soft top that appears to fit about as well as a six-year old's first suit and tie. That's probably par for this course.

On the inside there's a set of custom gauges set into the flat panel that serves as a dash, as well as a padded center console containing a home for the stereo and a pair of slots for your soda pops. Steering is by way of an old school Ford two spoke, and the floor covering is by way of bare metal and rubber mats.


Obviously there's a lot of money invested in this truck (the ad claims $55K) and the current title holder wants to recoup as much of his purchase cost in its sale as he can. He's tried to move the truck at thirty-six five on the Defender board, apparently to no success. It's now being offering it at $32,500 on Craigslist, which is where we are presently netting out.


What's your vote on that $32,500 price for this mashup of snake and horse? Does that price make this a Bronco you wouldn't buck? Or, does it make no horse sense?

You decide!


Chewin' on some underwear Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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