Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Let's say you love the performance of a Mustang GT but need something with a bit more roaming room. No worries, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Fairmont wagon has you covered, that is just as long as you can cover its asking price.

Yesterday's veteran 'Vette didn't get too many of you to stand up at attention for its dizzying asking price. That may be about what those cars go for these days but at least by a narrow 53% margin that was considered too rich for this one.

Have you noticed that foxes are 'in' these days? If you frequent Reddit (stay away from Spacedicks!!!!!!!) you'll see tons and tons of fox photos where they're being all cute and foxy and stuff. Grumpy Cat® looks to have had his fifteen minutes run out, but foxes seem to be forever. Did you know however, that there's another kind fox, one that, while not being quite so cute, is so eminently flexible that sometimes it's a pony?


That Fox is a Ford, and as an example check out this 1978 Ford Fairmont wagon, which introduced the Fox platform. Now, usually you wouldn't want to see the five-oh show up in your driveway. After all there's just so much they could be there to discuss, right? In the case of this foxy long roof however, that 5.0 means a brawny fuel injected 302 late of a Mustang and of course that is always welcome.

The flexibility of the Fox platform is represented in its ability to cosset everything from a pinky four-banger to any configuration of six cylinder all the way up to that romper stomper small block. In fact, the front suspension of the Fox platform has its coils separated from the McPherson struts to the lessen tower intrusion into the engine bay just so it could accommodate a 90° mill.


Not only does this Fairmont come with a Mustang's motivator, it also gets that pony's 5-speed gearbox and a good deal of its interior accoutrements. There's also updated 5-lug hubs fronting 4-corner disc brakes and a 3.55:1 8.8" rearend. Bullitt wheels cap off the 'Stang parts list here.

Along with the adopted parts the ad notes that this Fairmont has a lot of new stuff too. That includes the radiator, a lot of the brake parts, HVAC, battery and tires, all of which are pretty pricey inclusions.


So what else does this blue bomber need? Well, visually it's a little rough. The paint is as faded as Chris Christie's presidential aspirations, and the interior looks like it's only half-way there. At least that later Mustang dash is a little more robust appearing than the paper mache one that originally came in these car. There's also the busted-ass backup lights and a malt liquor jug under the engine in one pic that might indicate a leak or just poor taste in inebriates.

This bad boy is located in Arizona which is a state that is a bit more lenient on registration than neighboring California where this Fairmont would still be saddled with bi-annual emissions requirements. It doesn't have plates in any of the pictures, and no mention is made of the title, so there's no way to say whether it would cost a fortune to make legal at the DMV.


It would presently cost you $3,550 to make this Fox your pet, and it's now time for you to weigh in on the car and that price. What do you think about that much scratch for this Fairmustang? Is that a killer deal? Or, does that make this a woeful wagon?

You decide!


Phoenix Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Grant Scott for the hookup!

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