For $3,500, try and blend in

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Honda makes a mid-sized pick-up that being the somewhat awkward Pilot-based Rimjob Ridgeline, but they lack a mini-truck. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom Civic fills that tiny truck product gap, but is its price too much to pick it up?

The Honda Civic has become so pervasive a model globally that it has become almost part of the background scenery no matter where you go. Contrastingly, yesterday's major mini, the 1968 Riley Elf, would stick out like the Queen Mum at a Waffle House. Almost as out of place was the Elf's price tag, which proved Nice to fewer than 22% of you, who were obviously stalwart Anglophiles.


Funny thing, I used to think Anglophiles were pervs who wanted to do the nasty with English kids - and for that reason H.R. Pufnstuf creeped the bejeesus out of me. Turns out, I was wrong about the whole Anglophile thing, but that doesn't mean that psychedelic puppet dragons aren't still freaky, as is the idea of Jimmie having a magic flute.

Nearly as multi-hued as that Sid & Marty Krofft peyote hallucination is this technicolor yawn of a custom Honda Civic pickup. Starting out with what appears to be a fifth-generation Civic Hatchback, the builder of this sherbet two-tone custom has turned it into a mini-camino with a hard tonneau-covered bed between the back wheels. Beneath that is a well of souls coated in a peeling layer of bedliner and a chrome shock tower tie bar. In place of fully reclining bucket seats is a flat panel beneath a tumorous roof growth that sports both a spoiler and a scoop but sadly no apparent function. A porthole rear window makes two-thirds of the rearview mirror unnecessary.


It's not only the baby got back that has seen the radial mods, as the nose brings the bling as well with a new hood, aggressive valance, and projector lens headlamps. Rocker extensions and shaved door latches tie the whole thing together visually.

The party continues inside with more orange paint and demonstrably worn upholstery, plus the finest Pep Boys stereo $59.99 can buy. The seats look stock and hence strangely out of place what with everything else in there looking like a pumpkin patch vomited on it.


Under hood there is the claim of a new motor, and the picture shows what looks like a Honda D16 (?) Twin Cam, with a bunch of silver overspray. That, plus a five-speed stick should make this a pickup with plenty of pick up. You may not want to go fast in it however as the massive chrome donks and the lowered suspension may make both your kidneys and the dangly fiberglass bits victims of your haste.


In his ad, the seller loves Caps Lock almost as much as his tutti-fruitti Honda, and gives most all the pertinent info, with the exception of mileage and the impetus for its creation. That may require further reflection, and in order to rightfully do so, its purchase would be warranted. Despite the claim of how much work went into this creation, plus all the shouting in the ad, the seller is asking a somewhat quiet $3,500 for the car.


That's a price that - were the Civic bone stock, but in pretty nice shape both visually and mechanically - might not be out of line. But this lime and traffic cone custom is not just out of line, it's off the hook, and that - more so than its condition - really is what drives its perceived value. So what do you think, is that $3,500 a price that puts the Ummm? in custom? Or, does it make this a pickup worth picking up?

You decide!


San Francisco Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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